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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Keep on Truckin

I grew up in the City of Aventura, since before this area was known as Aventura. It was all marsh land, but that would change once the Aventura Mall was built. Soon the mall became a popular destination and several new condos and communities were slowly created. As we all know the construction did not stop and it's still happening before our eyes. Growth is great, but I hope that the people of this city don't loose sight of the big picture. The City of Aventura spans ONLY about 3 miles, that's not much - let's learn to respect the land we inhabit.

Lately, I've been walking the trail around the golf course at the Fairmont Resort in Aventura. This is also known as "The Circle." It's a three mile circle around Country Club Drive. I've noticed that Aventura has made an effort to help its residents keep the city clean by placing city garbage cans around the circle and other areas.

These cans are great to keep Aventura clean; however, plastic recycling cans would be a great addition. The track is filled with bike riders, runners, walkers, and dog walkers each holds a plastic water bottle. If there was an option to recycle on the trail it would be appreciated by all the residents.

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