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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jewelry in Aventura - Aventura Jeweler can create anything

The City of Aventura has experienced tremendous growth in the past ten years. Even though things changed, there are many retail establishments that have been a staple of the Aventura marketplace. One industry that has remained stable and popular in the City of Aventura is the Jewelry business. The Jewelry business has been in Aventura since the city was formed and has been there for years before that date.

The business of jewelry can be found all over Aventura. There are jewelry stores in the Aventura Mall and around the city. Some of the shopes have exclusive collections and custom work, while others have antique pieces and designer jewelry. It's all about finding the right match for what you need.

Many Jewelry stores in Aventura are a one stop shop for all your Jewelry needs. Many jewelers are a family operated business in Aventura. There are many talented jewelry designers and jewelers with gold and diamonds you'll love. In addition, many will work with each client to create a custom piece of jewelry that will remain timeless.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let's Think Positive

Here is an example of the half truthful, and demoralizing real estate/mortgage news that the media has been spreading. Click here.

Now let me share my thoughts with you on a few of the key issues discussed in the article.
While it is true that overall credit standards have tightened in the mortgage industry, it is important to know why it has happened. Without going into too much detail at this time, the subprime, Alt A, and “exotic” loan products, had a big part in the current real estate/mortgage market that we find ourselves in today. It is important to note though, that today we do have 100% first time homebuyer loans - the difference being that borrowers are required to validate their income and show an effort to pay their bills on time. Lenders don’t ask for "perfect credit" but instead a demonstrated effort to pay on time - indicating that they will more than likely pay back the mortgage they are seeking. Prospective buyers with a proven history of taking out debt and not paying it back will have trouble finding a mortgage in today's environment.

Regarding the sentence: “Lenders not only loosened their standards but also used so-called exotic mortgages, which allowed people of lesser means and weaker credit to buy homes.”
It doesn’t even make sense! The fact that lenders so called “loosened their standards” has nothing to do with “exotic” mortgages. What you need to understand, is that lenders’ standards are based mostly on what risk the investors are willing to take. After funding a mortgage, lenders then bundle similar loans (credit, type of loan, interest rate, Loan-to-value, etc.) and pool them together. These pooled loans are then sold off to investors in the Secondary Markets. Based on this short description, you should understand that lenders’ standards are based on the risks that the investors are willing to take, and their requirements. The reason “exotic” mortgages doesn’t fit into this sentence is due to the fact that they actually had more stringent qualifications than the “normal” loan products (Fixed, ARM’s, Interest Only, etc.). The “exotic” loans required that the customer qualify at the fully amortized payment, and not the teaser rate.

In regards to the article as a whole, I have to say that there are so many more factors to the current real estate/mortgage market, and it’s not as simple as the drive-by-media makes it seem. It’s a combination of the aforementioned reasons and a lot of irresponsible decisions made by consumers that may have used the wrong professionals!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Miami Herald takes notice of our City of Aventura blog

This past sunday the Miami Herald covered our blog and featured the story on the cover of the Aventura, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Highland Lakes, Neighbors section. Michael and Aaron commented on the blog's vision and its ability to cause positive change in the City of Aventura. The attention from the article has been overwhelming. The emails have been coming in and we promise to answer everyone. Please understand this all happened very fast. We look forward to growing and being the most relevant website relating to the City of Aventura. If you have a voice we want to hear it.

Posted on Sun, Oct. 28, 2007
City blog to foster real talk
He grew up in Aventura when it wasn't known as Aventura. He traveled the world and chose to come back to his hometown and start his own business.
But Internet consultant Aaron Gurland wasn't satisfied. The city he returned to, he realized, had no place for the community to come together, like Central Park in New York City.
''On a nice, beautiful Sunday it's packed with people,'' Gurland said of the park. ``It's one of the greatest places to gather in the world.''
In built-out, space-starved Aventura, Gurland, 29, has turned to the Web in his quest for a place where residents can interact. READ MORE...

If you missed our feature article here's the link - City of Aventura Florida, 33180

Yes we got a lot of attention and increased traffic to our blog, but let's remember that our city is a piece of the USA. So, I'd like to acknowledge the dedicated American soldiers who are away from their cities, homes, and families. The first thing that came to mind was to post a clip of the National Anthem. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Aventura residents remember Statue of Liberty

The City of Aventura has its own politics, local issues, economics, and goals; however, their importance must be viewed in relationship to our great nation. Today, I ask that our city stay focused on what makes this country great - LIBERTY. This day in history is directly connected to our country's most recognizable and important icon - the Statue of Liberty.

"The copper patina-clad statue, dedicated on October 28, 1886, commemorates the centennial of the United States and is a gesture of friendship from France to America." - Wikipedia

Take a look at this clip showing views of the Statue of Liberty and New York City.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

South Florida Housing Politics

As we all know, Aventura, its surrounding cities, and Florida as a whole has had a big part in deciding the last two presidential elections. It seems as though, Aventura, and its parent state will probably be at the forefront of the upcoming election for the third straight elections. The Republicans have had the edge in the previous two, but with the current housing market, the next election seems to be shaping out for the Democrats. Check out Christopher Cooper’s article from the Wall Street Journal - click here to read more.

Why don’t the Republican presidential candidates put the housing issue at the top of their agenda? Why aren’t the candidates consulting with their Republican counterparts in the so called “swing states” for help on this growing topic? Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, our state Governor, is taking many steps to ease, and overturn the direction of the wave. He is trying to do so from many different attack strategies in regards to predatory lending laws (to protect the consumer), property taxes and property insurance rates, and more.

The Democratic presidential candidates on the other hand, have been focusing on the housing market, and will succeed in toppling the Republican controlled White House. That is, unless the Republican candidates can learn from their peers, such as Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida, our City of Aventura parent state.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, as a City of Aventura, Florida resident, the housing issue and its many factors is a top priority for you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aventura Art Scene hits the Web

The art scene in Aventura has taken a turn to the web in order to reach a broader audience. An online gallery provides the public access to great masterpieces 24/7. The website is http://www.fineartgasm.com/ and it's content is a perfect balance of artists from a variety of styles. The owners, James and Elizabeth, are both passionate about their shift to the online market and love the idea of spreading art appreciation throughout the City of Aventura.

The first artist in the list on Fineartgasm.com is Andy Warhol. Check out this collage of his work.

When thinking about your next art purchase remember to visit http://www.fineartgasm.com/ . There are some amazing pieces that are perfect for that barren wall in your Aventura condo. It's important to support the people of our local community that are striving to make a difference in how its residents interact with art.

One of my favorite artist made waves in the art community when he challanged New York City residents' views on art. His name is Shepard Fairey. Here are a few clips to bring you up to speed on his art.

Monday, October 22, 2007

City of Aventura Views - Ocean, Golf Course, Waterways, Aventura Condos, Aventura Mall and WIND TURBINES!

Is the City of Aventura ready for wind turbines? Amongst all the condo construction and shopping center expansion would Aventura residents really mind a few wind turbines? In addition to solar power, wind turbines are an amazing source of energy. I'm not sure of all the details regarding the space required and number of units needed for wind turbines to produce significant energy; however, it's worth being aware about this alternative. Imagine if our city views included the various waterways, ocean, golf course, Aventura condos, Aventura Mall, and these beautiful wind turbines featured in this short clip.

Harnessing the wind - Click here to read more
Local firms propose 100-foot turbines in Mount Airy park to generate power
By Laura McCandlish
Sun reporter
October 22, 2007

Two local businesses are pushing to build wind turbines and solar panels to generate electricity in a Mount Airy park, acting upon an idea proposed by a college environmentalist last summer.The owners of Freedom Energy Solutions in Westminster and Grey Goes Green in Middletown also want to use Windy Ridge Park as an environmental campus, where students could learn about renewable energy sources.Tim Richards, a Haverford College junior who grew up in Mount Airy, originated the idea of erecting wind turbines in the Frederick County park, which recently opened to the public. Wind energy could provide the community with an alternative to buying from power companies, said Richards, founder of the grass-roots group Citizens for a Green Mount Airy.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Restaurants in Aventura

There are many great restaurants in Aventura. There are plenty of upscale over-priced restaurants; however, when it comes to quick, healthy, organic meals there are only a few in City of Aventura. One of my favorite establishments to grab a quick healthy meal is at Juice & Java located in the Promenade Shops. They serve excellent fresh juice and many vegan dishes. My favorite is the Soy Pasta entree. Of course you can get a fresh organic lunch or dinner at the local Whole Foods, but Juice & Java is a local business that deserves our support. It's places like this that make Aventura stand out in South Florida.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hillel school administrator an inspiration

Today an article ran about a local school administrator who was an inspiration. Zan Tarich made a difference at the Hillel school minutes from Aventura. Click on read more to see the full article.BY ELINOR J. BRECHERZan Lang Tarich wanted a big funeral, and Thursday she got one.Some 700 people packed North Miami's Beth Moshe Congregation

read more | digg story

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements: Save Money Now, Make Money Later

Cool real estate article about improving your home and pocketbook with green energy! The residents of the City of Aventura, Florida 33180 can make a difference and adapt some of these changes in their Aventura condos.

read more digg story

Friday, October 19, 2007

City of Aventura man travels from Alaska to Aventura

The City of Aventura is not only a place of luxury, high-priced condos, hot cars, jewelry, shopping, spas, and golf, it's a city that's filled with amazing people. Therefore, it's only appropriate that I take the time to write about a local Aventura personality that continues to be an inspiration to everyone he meets. This person is Glenn Fenster.

Glenn Fenster is a father that traveled on bike cross-country to raise awareness for epilepsy, which is affecting millions around the world. This past summer he pedaled more than 6,000 miles from Anchorage, Alaska, to Aventura. Last summer he journeyed from Seattle to Aventura.

I'd like to share his message with our readers, take a few minutes to watch his short film about the adventure and important cause. Spread the word.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aventura Short Sales, Pre-foreclosures, and Foreclosures

Search recent Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Pre-foreclosures in Aventura click on this link -----> Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Pre-foreclosures in Aventura <----- at the bottom left of that page you can scroll through all available apartment condo short sales. You're likely to find a good deal. If you are thinking about foreclosure, it's important that you locate an attorney immediately. An attorney can advise you on foreclosure defense. Foreclosure defense is an area of law usually focused on by real estate attorneys. Foreclosure defense Aventura attorney can help you in your foreclosure defense. Stay informed contact foreclosure defense.

There is a lot of talk these days about the amount of short sales and foreclosures happening to Aventura condo owners. I've been hearing a lot about this all over town - at Moe's Bagels, Starbucks, Borders, and even at Publix. It seems every where you go someone is saying something about there friend or someone their friend knows that invested in an Aventura condo and cannot make the payments.

In order to get a better idea about this subject I did some research. There's a lot of great information about the subject on www.valueshortsales.com .

Here's some info that's on their site by Carlos Sarmiento.

In Florida, when a homeowner misses 3 mortgage payments, generally the lender will mail a letter to alert the homeowner that unless a payment is made, the home will fall into a “pre-foreclosure” status where foreclosure procedure is initiated. At this point, the lender files court action and records a notice of a pending lawsuit (Lis Pendens) against the borrower. The lender notifies the borrower and any other affected parties in person or in some cases by mail or publication. If the borrower does not respond to the court action within a specified amount of time, the county clerk can find the borrower in default and the lender can ask the court to make a final ruling. If the court rules against the borrower, the ruling will include the total amount owed to the lender and the foreclosure sale date. The borrower can stop the foreclosure up until the date of the sale by paying the total amount owed to the lender.

Notice of Sale / Auction
The sale date is typically 20-35 days after the court ruling, but this may vary depending on the individual court. The clerk of court issues a notice of sale containing the location, date, and time of the sale. The notice is published once a week for two weeks, with the second notice appearing at least five days before the sale. Within 10 days of the sale, the clerk transfers ownership to the winning bidder if no one disputes the sale. In most instances, a borrower has no right of redemption after the certificate of sale is issued. At this point, the homeowner has lost his/her home to foreclosure, their credit will show a foreclosure for the nest 10 years and the foreclosure does NOT mean the homeowner is free and clear of the debt that is owed. The entire process from the time the homeowner misses the first payment to the day of the auction is typically about five months.

The Short Sale
The Short Sale is when the lender, prior to the home being auctioned off, agrees to a lesser amount than it is owed, and agrees to accept this amount without further action to the homeowner. This is easier said than done. The lender must be convinced that the homeowner has done due diligence in trying to sell the home, he/she must show they can’t afford the payments and have a reason satisfactory to the lender. Financials must be prepared on behalf of the homeowner, contracts, bank statements and various other documents as is required specifically by each lender. If the lender agrees to the amount proposed in the short package, then the sale is made at the lesser price, the foreclosure is avoided and the remainder of the unpaid mortgage balance is excused by the lender. This acceptance of an amount which is less than what is owed the lender constitutes the “Short Sale”.There are generally three options that the homeowner can take when faced with a foreclosure:

Option 1
Refinance – It may be possible to refinance your home. Yes, the interest rates are probably higher than what you are currently paying, but if you can afford the higher payments, you may be able to refinance your mortgage to pay off the foreclosure, existing debts and even end up with cash.

Option 2
Bankruptcy – Once the lender files the “Lis Pendens”, homeowners will most likely receive offers to help you file bankruptcy. But would this help you in the long run? Bankruptcy is not a cure-all that will save your home; it will only postpone the inevitable. Be aware that if you file bankruptcy, your home could still go to auction, thus resulting in both a bankruptcy and foreclosure against your personal credit. Bankruptcy delays the foreclosure because a lender can’t auction the home until the bankruptcy debts with creditors is resolved. Bottom line is, if you don’t pay the mortgage, you don’t keep your home; otherwise everyone would file bankruptcy, stop paying the mortgage and live mortgage free for the rest of their lives.

Option 3
Sell Your Home – Many people in foreclosure cannot refinance. The good news is that up until the day of the home auction, you have the power to sell and avoid the foreclosure. We at ValueShortSales.Com have a team of professionals, and a network of investors and specific buyers who are looking for homes at wholesale prices. Our combined resources assure you a service commitment that prevents your home from going to auction thus avoiding foreclosure altogether. Not the End of the Road - Going through a foreclosure is rough, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We specialize in helping our customers repair their credit history and qualify again for a mortgage on a new home after just a short time, perhaps as soon as a year. Some times, bad things happen to good people, not because they’ve done anything wrong, but because they are just having a bad season.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aventura Real Estate Photography - Highlight Natural Resources

The City of Aventura is one of the most beautiful cities in South Florida. The ocean views from the Aventura condos are breathtaking. Most units over look the Intercoastal and even the ocean. The views I've seen from Williams Island condos, The Point condos, Turnberry Isles condos, and from Porta Vita condos are amazing. In today's real estate market there are an increasing number of Aventura condos for sale on the market. I've been told that it's vital to highlight the natural assets of Aventura when placing a property for sale with a real estate agent or trying to sell it "by owner."

Look at her work ...

Nery Wasserman is the local Aventura real estate photographer that clued me in on the importance of photography and real estate. She is an expert in the field and photographs for all the Top Producers in real estate - Click on these links to see some of her work.

Lydia Eskenazi, P.A HARDING REALTY, INC.


Alice Sardell SARDELL & CO LLC

Judi Tamaroff Rickenback Associates, Inc.

Jeffrey Tomlinson Tomlinson Realty Group


There are more tips on real estate photography at http://www.photographyforrealestate.net/

If you'd like hire Nery Wasserman to photograph your property contact her via email -neryw@bellsouth.net

Monday, October 15, 2007

Aventura Real Estate Future - Positive Thinking

It is imperative to always study and research the investments one is contemplating on making. There are many financial institutions, advisors, and experts located in the city of Aventura. It’s important that real estate agents in Aventura and mortgage brokers in Aventura look at the past and present performance of the investment as well as the future outlook. The future is never definitive, but there are factors that help in making an educated decision for the future performance of your investment.

As opposed to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial vehicles, a real estate investment does not take 100% upfront capital contribution. Finances are readily available, and help the real estate investor take the lesser of the risk on his/her investment. This is where the concept of O.P.M. (Other People’s Money) comes into play. The best way to make money is to put as little of yours at risk, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of the gains. When looking at the real estate market in Aventura or elsewhere in South Florida, one can see from the past that it had its ups and downs (way up in the last four decades!). The present is down, but the future looks bright for the South Florida real estate market – whether it’s your luxury Aventura condo or first real estate investment. I’m far from being a real estate investment expert, but if you won’t take it from me, the following article by Blanche Evans, further illustrates my thoughts…

"While real estate softens in the rest of the country, three out of four wealthy Floridians remain optimistic that their homes will continue to appreciate in value, according to a survey by Harris Interactive and The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., a wealth management company.
They are more optimistic than those in other states, the survey found. Nearly three quarters (73 percent) of South Floridians expect to see double-digit increases in the value of their primary homes over the next five years, with half anticipating an increase of 20 percent or more. By comparison, just over one in four of the wealthy outside the area expects a 20 percent hike in value, said the report."

read more click here

I like to highlight and start with POSITIVE THINKING;however, to be fair let's take a look at what Mad Money's Jim Cramer had to say about real estate investments. Again, remember there are always two sides to every story. Investors should always be well educated about each pro and con before they "put the pedal to the metal."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meditation for Millionaires

When asked to write for this Aventura blog I was quick to answer YES. I believe in the message that the way one lives and where they live has a direct connection. This blog has a combined focus on real estate in Aventura, Sunny Isles, Golden Beach, and real estate all over South Florida with conscience living in our homes. Recently, I spotted a new trend starting - real estate developments are including an environmental and health awarness. Real estate developer, Dilip Barot of Creative Choice, is balancing these concepts in his project Amrit. It was recently written about in Yoga and Joyful Living in an article called "Meditation for Millionaires" and covered by CNN.

"The Amrit project is just one of several residential spas being built across the U.S., targeting wealthy investors who are interested in fitness and looking for a home that will help them to sustain a balanced lifestyle."

This project is located in Singer Island, Florida north of Palm Beach. It's a location that demands luxruy and comfort - a perfect gem.

Take a look at this video...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Aventura Condos, Sunny Isles Condos, Golden Beach Homes Make Energy Change

I found the details about the first step people can take to save energy in either their Aventura Condos, Sunny Isles Condos, or Golden Beach Homes. The answer is LED light fixtures. The difference between incandescent and LED is the following: incandescent lighting consume 5,135 Watts (65 W per bulb), while LEDs consume 948 Watts (12W per bulb).

According to LED Lighting Fixture, Inc.’s, “On average in the United States, running a 65-watt light for 50,000 hours would cost $325 in electricity alone. Because the LR6 uses only 12 watts, running the light for 50,000 hours will cost only $60 under the same scenario. In addition, you will no longer spend time or money replacing lights. Over the lifetime of one LR6, you will save $265 dollars or more on your electric bill alone."

These numbers are very clear if you can make the change you should. If you cannot make the change you should pass the information on to others because maybe they can and will make the change. Spread the word. So if you are buying or selling a Aventura condo, Sunny Isles condo, or Golden Beach home make sure to consider LED. Aventura is striving to "go green," changing the lighting would be an excellent start. Imagine if the Aventura Mall changed it's lighting. How about if all real estate in Aventura was lit by LED? The change would be tremendous.

Let's make the first change in the places we live!

Al Gore Nobel Peace Prize

This just noted from the Financial Times:-

Al Gore, former US vice president, and the UN climate panel won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for raising awareness of the risks of climate change.
The Norwegian Nobel Committee chose Gore and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to share the $1.5m prize from a field of 181 candidates.

The choice of Mr Gore will give rise to concerns - for US conservatives at least - about the perceived politicisation of the prize, previously awarded to Jimmy Carter and Mohamed El Baradei. It raises questions about the broadening of the prize’s criteria beyond the traditional understanding of peacemaking.

read more click here

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aventura, Miami, Sunny Isles Foreclosure Sales

This was just sent in by one of our readers. It's an article and video link to yesterday's story CBS ran regarding foreclosures in Aventura, Miami, Sunny Isles. There are always two sides to every story, so readers beware.

(CBS4)Written BY DAVID SUTTA - MIAMI Florida had the third-highest foreclosure rate in the country in a recent survey by RealtyTrac, a company that compiles these statistics.

The state, as well, as the nation is going through what experts call a housing depression. In South Florida, it's considered the worst since the early 1990s.

The value on properties is declining, which means assessments that determines the amount of taxes a homeowner pays based on government formulas will likely fall. But there's still no relief in sight.

At the Stephen B. Clark government center in downtown Miami, a state commission on Wednesday, listened to property owners on these very issues.

The State Taxation and Budget Reform Commission has also scheduled a second public hearing for Thursday at Broward County Commission Chambers in the government center on South Andrews Avenue.

These officials acknowledged there were nearly 34,000 properties in some form of foreclosure in Florida, or one for every 243 households. That's a 77 percent increase from July and more than double the number in August of last year, and that homeowners need help.

For John Shimmel, who lived in South Florida for all his 47 years, it's too late. He has since put a For Sale sign on his yard. He's lost his job. "We're pretty much done", he lamented.

continue reading article click here


Solar Power in our homes

I believe that where we live and how we live are directly connected. The fact that we are in South Florida and are known as the "Sunshine State," should hint to a great resource - the sun. We get a lot of sunshine and it can help save us MONEY and ENERGY. This is a technology that has been around for many years, but most do NOT fully understand it. Today there was a great article I found at CNN.com on that subject and it gave me a full overview of the issue as it relates to our homes.

Here is an excerpt from the piece.

This weekend, Sacramento-based homebuilder Tim Lewis Communities is opening Amberleigh at Madeira, a new community of energy-efficient, solar-powered homes in Elk Grove, Calif. The planned 61 homes will feature building-integrated solar-electric power systems from SunPower Corporation , a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency, commercially available solar cells, solar panels and solar systems. Tim Lewis Communities expects that the solar power systems, combined with the energy-efficient features, will save homeowners up to 60 percent on their electric utility bills.

Each of the new homes will be equipped with a 2.3-kilowatt SunPower SunTile(R) system that blends seamlessly into the roof and features the most-efficient solar panels available on the market.

"Recent studies have indicated that new homes equipped with SunPower systems are selling at about twice the rate as comparable homes in the same neighborhoods," said Bill Kelly, general manager of the New Homes Division at SunPower. "Energy prices are increasing, and Tim Lewis Communities recognizes that combining high-quality, energy-efficient features with SunPower systems will result in significant savings for homeowners."

read more click here

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The "buy and hold" real estate strategy

This may surprise you, but I’m going to tell you something you HAVE NOT HEARD about the real estate industry from the mainstream press. I’m going to tell you WHY NOW is a good time to be investing in real estate… Either as your first home, or second home or even as an investment property. Believe it or not, interest rates are still at historic lows and better yet, property prices ARE coming down, and THIS is why I feel it is a GREAT time for those who would like to pursue one of the best investment opportunities available.

One should realize that real estate is a long term investment that with time will always increase – eventually. This has been the case throughout history. The mainstream media would have you believe that it is not a good time to buy, that we still have excess inventory, the potential for price deflation, and credit issues to worry about. However, it has also been proven that one cannot “time” any investment market. Those values on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis may go up or down, but overall, Real Estate has always trended up over the long term – returning better overall than any other investment index. The mainstream media has created a “self fulfilling prophesy” by preaching all the gloom and doom about the housing market. Many buyers are holding off not because they cannot find a home, but because of all the negative press.

Prospective buyers should avoid looking at the real estate boom of the 2002-2005 years when some enterprising individuals were able to make an extraordinary return on their investment within months or even days in some cases by buying and flipping properties. This was a product of the frenzy that grew as more and more people jumped into the market to “get their share of the wealth” being created. This was no different than the “Dot-Com investment bubble of the late ‘90’s… It is interesting to note that we just hit a new high on the Dow, the S&P and a 6 year high on the NASDAQ… Markets DO recover and prosper when more normal investment strategies take place.

The prospective Real Estate investor should instead look at the more recent history of 2006 and current market condition of 2007, one should not focus on the negative news that the media projects in this real estate “bubble” As with any frenzy, there is a time when prices are at their highest and are no longer supported by prudent consideration. Again I refer back to the Dot Com days when people were buying stocks in unprofitable companies with little capital – but the buying frenzy drove those values through the roof. In the light of day, the companies were not worth the value placed by the market and they adjusted downward once the frenzy faded in 1999. Likewise the “frenzy” in the Real Estate market faded as speculators left the market and prices no longer were driven by speculation and the lure of easy and low priced credit. Therefore values became more normalized. We have seen these corrections in pricing already resulting in some real bargains out there. What is more interesting is the availability of reasonably priced financing with Fixed Rates in the lower to mid 6% range and a good range of financing options available.

You may ask yourself, how can this idiot blogger say any of the aforementioned with all the negative news, and negative “expert” opinions about the housing market? Well, I am a firm believer in the “if it bleeds, it leads” notion that the media uses in their everyday business. That said, the housing market is gloomy, and tainted by negative press, and admittedly, facts. You can succeed in this creating wealth through real estate investments - If you follow prudent investment strategies and not make emotional decisions. Do your homework. Assess the market, the future growth in that particular neighborhood and seek the assistance of both a Real Estate Professional and a home financing expert first… don’t expect to make a quick buck… the best strategies are the “buy and hold” strategies that take advantage of the long term nature of this type of investment. Do not let your thoughts be hampered, and open your eyes to the tremendous opportunities that this market condition is presenting to your long term real estate dreams!

Make sure you choose a dependable professional that will be with you before and after the closing process, providing the funds and support you need. Don't be the Monkey Man...

Written by Michael Heiblum and Mason Pruner

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Our first post back in September was about Aventura "Going Green." Click here to refresh your memory. This city is making a change and putting great methods into action. Everything the city does to make a difference and along with changes each individual can do will make a difference in our environment. Below is a recent article in th MiamiHerald.com reporting on this topic and a perfect update to the start of this blog.

Aventura leads by environmental example

The city of Aventura can't force its residents -- particularly condo-dwellers -- to recycle, so it's choosing the next best thing: leading by example.
City leaders hope the city's Go Green initiative, which includes cutting down on paper use, buying hybrid cars and installing energy-efficient light bulbs, may persuade residents and neighboring cities to follow in its path.

''It's just a beginning, but it's an effort to show people in the community that we are making the first step,'' Mayor Susan Gottlieb said.

The city will reach out to schools -- through the science curriculum at the charter school -- and condos -- through a yet-to-be-determined set of awards and incentives -- to promote environmental awareness.

In the past six months, the city has reduced paper use significantly, said City Manager Eric Soroka. Documents such as agendas for meetings, records and backup information are being scanned and archived, many of them posted online on the city's website.

By scanning old documents, the city has saved 1,500 square feet of storage space, Soroka said.

The city also plans to replace its community services and code enforcement vehicles with a more energy-efficient fleet, and has been reducing energy costs by replacing light bulbs and other building materials.

Over the next few months, the city will begin implementing environmentally preferable purchasing, which means it will seek out goods and services that have less of a negative impact on health and the environment, Soroka said.

''This is something we all believe in,'' Gottlieb said.

Still on the back burner: Laptops for all city commissioners, which would reduce the need for paper even further.

In their September workshop meeting, commissioners passed around a sheet of paper with the new Go Green logo on it.

''It's the last piece of paper you'll ever see,'' joked Commissioner Zev Auerbach.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sexy Coal Miners - GE Advertisement

The way people live and how we live must be balanced and thought about in the same context. That is why you will find information on real estate as well as articles regarding environmentally friendly living. Some companies are even creating new advertisements to boast their methods of care to the environment. This clip is an example of this new trend in a recent GE ad.

Best Places For Real Estate Deals

Housing Trends
Best Places For Real Estate Deals
Matt Woolsey, 10.08.07, 12:01 AM ET

Home sales have sunk to their lowest levels since 2001. Investors are jumping ship, foreclosures are mounting and lenders are exercising caution.

Still, there are areas of the county where it makes sense for some to buy. That's because, in a market slump, sellers eager to unload their homes often accept less money from buyers. New construction also slows. Both bode well for those hoping to score a deal--if the market in which they are buying is expected to experience increased sales.

To find such places, we paired with Moody's Economy.com to research current home sales patterns and sales projections in the country's 40 biggest real estate markets. Based on models that estimated 2008 housing inventory, sales rates and turnover, we arrived at a list of markets that are experiencing price stalls or declines, but where over the coming year are expected to provide deals for buyers.