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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I still have one more post to make regarding the art show at Williams Island, stay tuned. It's regarding the show in the 4000 building. I think it's important to interupt this string of art show reviews to call your attention to LOCAL BLOGGER NEWS.

This week a BLOGGER is being sued for 25 million and has been fired from his job. The blogger is Lucas Lechuga, who writes http://www.blog.miamicondoinvestments.com/, and he is a Realtor who was formerly employed by EWM (a real estate brokerage owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway - deep pocket). There's usually treasure on one side of a lawsuit. Apparently the basis of this suit stems from a harmless post Lechuga wrote regarding his honest opinion on a Miami developer's new project. That developer filed suit against EWM and Mr. Lechuga. One of the main reasons blogs exist is for people to share their own thoughts and opinions about public figures, public news, and other events that shape the world we inhabit.

It's essential that blog readers understand this and recognize the value of blogs. Most blogs do not have a traditional editorial structure; however, they can offer readers engaging and original content. Some popular blogs, like New York's http://www.curbed.com , have paid advertising just like traditional newspapers and magazines. In fact, this blog is currently in discussions with various potential advertisers and companies interested in advertorials. It's clear that blogs are a forum that have changed the public's relationship with news.

Lechuga writes what is known as a "real estate blog," giving readers his insight and experiences about the real estate market. There are so many blogs covering a variety of subjects, each with a unique viewpoint. For example, although I have a real estate license at Terrabella Realty, this isn't a "real estate blog," this blog is about what goes on in the City of Aventura it's a reporting of various relevant issues, events, spotlights on residents and local businesses. Take a look out in the blogosphere and you'll discover blogs about every topic in your imagination. So many people have something to say, it's fantastic! Start your own blog today, it's free.

Bloggers and readers join together to spread the word about the plight of the Miami blogger Luchega. Pass the story around the blogosphere and write your own thoughts. You decide for yourself what should happen. If you'd like to see the CBS interview of Lucas take a look about what he had to say regarding his controversial Miami Condo Investments blog.

Remember to check back to read our scheduled post about the 4000 building art show.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Williams Island 2600

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 2600. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

I was amazed by the art showcased at the 2600 building. The show was organized by, Alejandro Rivera - Concierge. There were various styles on display and even artists from Brazil and France. I enjoyed the flow of the large lobby and joined the residents while they gazed at the artwork. The high ceilings and incredible views created a perfect venue to feature paintings.

The paintings pictured to the left are by Sid Daniels, a artist located in South Beach. He describes his style as "Latin Deco"and gets inspiration from a mix of Latin culture and big band music. He certainly captures a flavor that fills the streets of South Beach.

His work was dramatically arranged near a large window and the sunlight made each piece pop with excitement. There were several large paintings and many of the guests enjoyed looking at the work of Sid Daniels. You can see more of his work at http://www.siddaniels.com/

Carmen Gusmao is a Brazilian artist that presented a few outstanding paintings. Her work demands attention and draws people in to take a closer look. When I walked up to the canvas I noticed detailed drawings. She explained that inside each painting is a story. She draws her inspirations from authors such as Dostoevsky and Kafka. Carmen is pictured below alongside her painting "The Adventures of a Naughty Girl."


In addition to the aforementioned artists, Marguerite Duthoit-Defrance's work captivated guests. She is originally from France and is currently a seasonal Williams Island resident. It's really incredible how many talented people live in the City of Aventura. Marguerite is definatly one of those special Aventura residents. She's pictured here on the right next to one of her signature flower paintings. Also in the photo is 2600 Property Manager alongside Concierge, Alejandro Riveria.

I took a few moments to speak with Marguerite and while we were talking several people walked by to admire the painting in the photo below. I have to agree, this piece was extraordinary. I highly reccomend taking a look at her work online.


This show was a great success and enjoyed by all who visited the 2600 lobby.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Williams Island 3000

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 3000. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

The 3000 building on Williams Island showcased numerous artists with various styles. A few of the artists caught my eye amongst the eclectic collection on display. The watercolors I saw of New York City, by Lenny, were brilliant and captured the essence of New York. Lenny maintains a residence in Aventura, but most of the time he lives in Queens, New York. In New York City his work is on dislay at the Carl Shultz Art Show in Manhattan and the Westhampton Art Show in Long Island. At the Williams Island Art Show his work was enjoyed by everyone without regard to age. Pictured is Lenny and Sara speaking with a young admirer.

Joyce Chadroff, artist, presented her work at the Williams Island 3000 building. Her work was captivating and displayed at the lobby's entrance. She created paper mache flowers that had a magical, yet realistic look to them. Every guest stopped to look at her work and questioned her about their creation process.

In addition to the paper mache flowers, Joyce Chadroff displayed large paintings like the one pictured here.

Williams Island 2800

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 2800. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

The large lobby of the 2800 building of Williams Island was host to impressive paintings. The style on display was mostly modern and cubist. I thought that the art was perfect for the lobby's environment. This was an excellent combination that was organized by Mitzi Launerts, Concierge. The guests at the Art Show were invited to the outside patio to enjoy a tasting of food and drink by Michael's Kitchen and Pisco. There was a buzz of excitement as people circulated between the art and food. It was a great setting where guests chatted and socialized while being surrounded by beautiful art.

Williams Island 7000

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 7000. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

The were many local artists that showcased their art in Williams Island; however, in Williams Island 7000 Tetra Artet displayed work from Mexico. The group from Tetra Artet filled the lobby of 7000 Island Blvd. with dramatic art that had both a unique Mexican style as well as a universal appeal. The members of Tetra were present to answer questions, and explain more about the international artists (pictured from left to right Rita Chertorivski, Orly Curiel, and Lisette Gruener).

There was a long list of talented artists that Tetra presented at the show. The artists were Jonathan Lameda, Juan Pablo Zamora, Olivia Gonzalez Terrazas, Patricia Garcia, Roberto Pulido, Balo Pulido, Adolfo Weber, Anna Cook, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jennifer Brockmann.

Williams Island 1000

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 1000. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

The 1000 Williams Island building showcased several artists in the lobby. The view of the fountain was an amazing setting for the show. It was the location of Mary Diddle, Clay Sculpture Todd Brittingham, Bronze Sculpture Darlene Carr, Oil on Canvas Dawna Dunford, Acrylics Cesar Barros, Black & White Photos Nellie Sessa, Painting.

Pictured above: Mary Diddle next to her Clay Sculptures

I spoke with Mary and she explained the detail work of her sculptures. It was fascinating how she incorporates objects from the sea into her work. I like the idea that the sculptures contain real sea relics, this gives each piece an authentic feel. This art pays homage to the sea and helps raise awareness about preservation of coral reefs.

The residents at this show enjoyed the layout and flow of the displayed pieces in all sections of the 1000 Williams Island Blvd building lobby. The tucked away 1000 building at the end of Williams Island Blvd. presented a unique collection that had residents spreading the word.

Williams Island 2000

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 2000. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

Yesterday's Art Walk at the Williams Island condos lived up to all expectations of luxury, art, design, and class. I attended the show in each condo on Williams Island and spoke with the various artists, each was thrilled to be showing their work at Williams Island. I will share my thoughts on the show and a few pictures I took in each building.

My first visit was the lobby of the Williams Island 2000 building located at 2000 Island Blvd. I arrived early and made it just in time to witness the unveiling of David Schor's sailing masterpiece. It was clear that this would be a special event and a successful show organized by Luisa Chu, concierge of Williams Island 2000. In the 2000 condo lobby, David Schor presented along with various artists represented by Fine Artgasm Gallery.

The residents of Williams Island circulated the lobby of the 2000 building at a slow pace, paying attention to each piece of art on display. Many were thinking about how the art would look displayed in their apartment condos. It was obvious that the guests were well seasoned art buyers and recognized the quality. They asked questions, spoke with the artists, took pictures, drank wine, and enjoyed food from Charley's Crab Ft. Lauderdale.

Rose, Bobby, and Carolann - Charley's Crab

The hand blown glass by artist Drew Cobb was popular and well received by the residents. Fine Artgasm Gallery was responsible for presenting the work of Drew Cobb. Each piece of glass work was strategically placed around the lobby in order to catch the natural light and the eyes of the lobby guests.

Here's a photo of one of Drew Cobb's pieces that caught my eye. I'm sure you'll agree it's beautiful.

In addition, to the art and placement of Cobb's glass. The other pieces of art were displayed in this unique venue using every empty space. A painting by the artist Emo is seen in the photo below displayed on the couch.

Here's another photo showing the amazing pieces of art brought by Fine Artgasm Gallery.

The center area of the lobby, the grand entrance, was the sight of David Schor's art masterpieces.

Pictured above Luisa Chu - Conierge, Elizabeth Stadtlander - Fine Artgasm Gallery, David Schor & Olga - DAVIDSCHOR.COM

I suggest that you click on the links in the post to learn more about the artists at Williams Island 2000. The show was a huge success and each resident I spoke with thought the layout and art in the 2000 building was first rate. This was an important event for the City of Aventura - a statement that our residents demand and appreciate cultural events. It takes some planning to make it happen, but well worth the work. Events like this will help carve Aventura Florida's spot in the art world.

The next few posts will showcase the other art shows that took place in the various buildings on the Island.

Friday, January 25, 2008


The City of Aventura Promoting Green Initiatives and Enforcing County Code on Solid Waste

I like the steps the city of Aventura is taking with the City Programs to Promote Green Initiatives. Let me comment on your very last point which says, “An article in the next newsletter will address promoting individual condominiums and homeowners associations to institute or expand recycling programs. We also intend to feature and recognize successful programs in upcoming newsletters.” In parallel with promoting Green Initiatives, the city of Aventura should be enforcing what's already law. As said in this Conscious Recycling vflyer, Miami-Dade County has a code which requires all rental property owners and condominium associations to provide recycling programs.

Please refer to http://www.municode.com/Resources/gateway.asp?pid=10620&sid=9, Sec. 15-2.2. Recycling programs required for multi-family residential establishments. (a) No later than nine (9) months from the effective date of Ordinance Number 91-123, every multi-family residential establishment shall provide for a recycling program which shall be serviced by a permitted hauler or the appropriate governmental agency and shall include, at a minimum, the five (5) materials listed in Section 15-2.2 below.Recyclable Materials: Multi-family

(1) Newspaper
(2) Glass (flint, emerald, amber)
(3) Aluminum cans
(4) Steel cans
(5) Plastics (PETE, NDPE-natural, HDPE colored)(b) The failure of a multi-family residential establishment to provide a recycling program or a modified recycling program pursuant to Section 15-2.4 hereof shall constitute a violation of this section for which the property owner(s) shall be liable, provided, however, that in the case of a condominium or cooperative apartment having a condominium association or cooperative apartment association, said association, rather than individual unit owners, shall be liable for any such violation.(Ord. No. 91-123, § 4, 10-15-91) The core of the problem is that the government has not been enforcing the law as strictly as they should have. New laws and programs that set the conditions for a greener more sustainable world should be always welcome, but it’s equally important to begin enforcing those regulations that already exist. Otherwise, why wasting tax dollars, human resources and brain power to create them in the first place?

Submitted by:

Sebastian Aroca
Conscious Recycling Action Team

Have a Green Week, Sebastian

The City of Aventura has organized GO GREEN AWARDS. Have you seen the little signs all around town? To find out more information about how to vote check out the City of Aventura website. Click to get the GO GREEN application.

I think this is a very important CALL TO ACTION that the city is trying to promote. My concern is that not enough people will hear about it or those that do won't take the time to participate. Please pass it on, spread the word and VOTE!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pangaea World Festival Founders Park

In effort to keep our readers up to date on things going on in Aventura, I have posted an email that I recently received...

"PANGAEA World Festival which is happening on January 25-27th, 2008 in Aventura's Founders Park. This festival will provide a great weekend full of activities, cultural atmospheres and entertainment ranging from concerts, fashion shows, exhibitions, demonstrations and much more.There will be 8 country pavilions each of which will showcase food, music, dance, arts & crafts and much more. The Aventura Mall is also sponsoring a Children's Pavilion which will provide entertainment, live animals, cartoon characters, and fun for children of all ages. Such entertainers featured will be Seals & Seals, Rick Springfield, Daisy Fuentes (fashion show), Cirque, the D.E.Y., Michael Israel and much more. Proceeds of the festival are going to The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department - FEMA "Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team" - the team who has responded to natural disasters throughout the world. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience something that has never been done in South Florida and the chance to get away from the mundane to experience a fun weekend with your family. It would be great if you could also pass this along to all of your friends and loved ones so that they too can enjoy this event."

I'm going to be checking out this event, so check back to see some photos and to read my thoughts on the festival.

What Amendment 1 Means to Aventura Homeowners

As yet another follow up to my previous blogs about the Florida property tax cut proposal, I thought to share an article from our Central Florida neighbors, Orlando Sentinel. You will learn that many Florida cities are lobbying against the amendment because they will be forced to spend less, or should I say, budget responsibly.
Voting YES on Amendment 1 on Tuesday, January 29th is crucial to every homeowner, and every home seeker. This will help seniors finally make their downsizing move, those who need to find bigger places for their growing families but just would not afford the tax increase on a newly purchased home, as well as first time homebuyers who finally see home prices normalizing but are still threatend by high property taxes.
I will repeat my message from my previous posts on this matter that this is not the ultimate solution, but it is a start!
Read More

Interest rates have been drastically improving! Call me for all your home financing needs!
Michael Heiblum (954)650-9462.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Williams Island News

Update: We received many requests to include a list of apartment condos for sale in Williams Island. Click the links below to view the available Williams Island condos for sale and rentals. This is the best way to search Williams Island real estate in Aventura.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

This weekend the condos of Williams Island will be hosting VIRTU - the Second Annual Williams Island Art Walk. This event is organized by each building's concierge in a joint effort to create even more of a community feel amongst the residents on the Island. This art show will consist of many artists of different styles presenting their works in the lobbies of each building. Since the condos of Williams Island are made up of several buildings this show will be an epic event. Many artists, one Island.

Here's a list of the artists and the buildings where each will be presenting their work. This list took some time to put together, but I believe that the Aventura residents of Williams Island will appreciate this comprehensive road map for the show. Thank your concierge for organizing this list and the show.

The Art Walk takes places this Saturday from 10AM to 6PM

1000 Building Artists
Mary Diddle, Clay Sculpture
Todd Brittingham, Bronze Sculpture
Darlene Carr, Oil on Canvas
Dawna Dunford, Acrylics
Cesar Barros, Black & White Photos
Nellie Sessa, Painting

2000 Building Artists
David Schor, Impressionist
Fine Artgasm Gallery
Peter Max, Mixed Media
Andy Warhol, Screen Prints
Kevin Kichar, Original Mixed Media
Mario Chuy, Acrylic on Canvas
Jorge Villa, Acrylics & Aluminum
Yardena, Mixed Media
Emo, Original Acrylic on Canvas
Drew Cobb, Hand Blown Glass

2600 Building Artists
Carmen Gusmao, Canvas
Donatela Linari, Art Wear
Sid Daniels, Canvas
Gisele Levauf, Mixed Media
Michelle Savaran, Canvas
Marguerite Dithoit, Canvas
Susan Wein, Mixed Media
Beatrize Cortes, Canvas
Robyn Wolowitz, Jewelry
2800 Building Artists
Nancy Hall, Mixed Media
James Broderick, Canvas
Carolina del Rivero, Canvas
Elmar Hund, Metal Resin & Gold on Canvas
V.b. Tachjian, Canvas
Mark T. Smith, Canvas
Ray Karpuska, Metal Sculpture
Mario Velez, Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

3000 Building Artists
Joyce Chadroff, Mixed Media & Sculpture
Harvey Gelber, Photography
Clara Poupel, Mixed Media
Rafael Senzameci, Digital photography
Jane Swergold, Clay Sculpture
Ilana Ilan, Mixed Media
Eduardo Vitale, Structures in leggos
Judy Levinson, Watercolors
Shana, Jewish Art
Sara Lydia Singer, Photography
Lenny Sunshine, Watercolor
Danielle Lanteigne
Leche-Vitrines Ast Alliance

4000 Building Artists
Billy Monsalve Duffo, Oil on Canvas
Enrique Sierra, Cyber Technology
Rigoberto Antonio Guerrero, Modern Visual Art

7000 Building Artists
Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media,
Art Object and Photography
Jonathan Lameda
Juan Pablo Zamora
Olivia Gonzalez Terrazas
Patricia Garcia
Roberto Pulido
Balo Pulido
Adolfo Weber
Anna Cook
Gabriel Rodriguez
Jennifer Brockmann


10:00AM – Virtu; Williams Island Art Walk opens. (1000, 2000, 2600, 2800, 3000, 4000, 7000)

10:00AM – Virtu Unveiling with Bagels and Coffee at the 3000 Building

10:00AM – 6:00PM Kefi Restaurant Tasting at the 7000 Building

10:00AM – 6:00PM Cigar Roller, 4000 Building

11:00AM – 3:00PM Broward Performing Arts Center will have hourly drawings offering gift baskets and tickets to performances.

11:30AM – 1:00PM Saratoga Italian Restaurant Tasting at the 1000 Building

12:00PM – 1:30PM Charley’s Crab Restaurant Tasting at the 2000 Building

12:00PM - 3:00PM Party Parrot Rentals, Frozen Margarita & Piña Colada Bar, 3000 Building

12:00PM - 4:00PM Bars Open – 1000 Cristal Rum , 2600 Caldas & 2800 Capel

12:30PM – 3:00PM Bourbon Steak House Restaurant Tasting at the 2600 Building

1:00PM – 4:00PM Ivette Viñas, Jazz Singer 4000 Building

1:00PM - 2:30PM Michaels Kitchen Restaurant Tasting at the 2800 Building

1:30PM – 3:00PM La Patisserie Station, Michelle Lellouche Events & Stork’s Café and Bakery Tasting at the 3000 Building

1:30PM – 3:00PM Lola’s on Harrison Restaurant Tasting at the 4000 Building

2:00PM – 6:00PM Mrs. Eleanor Leonard & Mr. Frazer Dougherty open their apartment to visitors to view their art and sample champagne, 2600 Building Apartment 903.

6:00PM – Virtu; Williams Island Art Walk Closes.

If you wish to utilize the Williams Island shuttle please be aware that the shuttle will be operating on a normal schedule and you may experience a short delay.

If you have any questions regarding particular events, please contact that building’s Concierge.

Aventura Florida Google Videos

I was surfing around the Google Video website and found some great short films about the City of Aventura. In a recent post, Aaron answered Robin Greenbaum's questions about why someone should move to Aventura over Miami; I think that the videos I found are a perfect follow up to that post.

A movie with pictures and people of Aventura Florida.

Information about the parks and recreation in Aventura Florida.

Learn about the public safety and city services in Aventura Florida.

A video on shopping and restaurants in Aventura Fl.

Relocation information about making your home in Aventura.

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Does Aventura Florida recycle?

Going Green, From the City of Aventura Out to the World

I think it’s important, not to say vital, to get the message of this Conscious Recycling vflyer out in every city of the United States. But since the work starts in our own backyard and extends around the world, then we ought to look for ways through which we can reduce global warming pollution right where we are. One simple and immediate action we can take is to recycle more.

We can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by recycling half of our household waste. There are over 10,000 apartment and condominium buildings in Miami-Dade County, many of which are in Aventura. Some sources cite that the city was named "Aventura" because that was the name of the original group of condominium developments in the area. So I envision the city of Aventura becoming by the end of 2008 a pioneer on providing recycling programs to some of the Miami-Dade area's tallest and most prestigious condominium towers.

Miami-Dade is still on its nascent stage when it comes to providing recycling programs for condominiums and businesses so if taken purposefully and done with the same sense of urgency the issue calls for, Aventura could take a lead on that arena, and why not in the near future become the city in South Florida to which other cities come for consultation on Green Initiatives to learn best practices on how to engage its entire community in conscious recycling. But as actions speak louder than words, let’s make it happen working together, citizens and government of Aventura collaborating with one another with a common objective of creating a greener more sustainable community… and as a consequence, a greener world!

Submitted by:
Sebastian Aroca
Conscious Recycling Action Team

Aventura, New York's 6th Borough

This blog is not a political forum; however, it's important to note when national politics arrive in our town. This past week Senator Joseph Lieberman made his political presence known at Aventura's bagel shop - Moe's Bagels and Deli. This restaurant is a hot spot for early morning business meetings and a great place to hear the local gossip, they also serve a heck of a bagel. Therefore, I wasn't surprised that this would be a stop on Lieberman's trip to South Florida.

Various papers covered the story. Here's what one had to say.

Courant.com - By JESSE A. HAMILTON Washington Bureau Chief

...It didn't bother Paul Kruss, who co-owns Mo's Bagels and Deli in Aventura, which the locals like to call New York's 6th Borough. He called Lieberman a "conviction politician" who "puts his conscience before the party."Lieberman walked through the crowded restaurant, shaking diners' hands and posing for pictures, though some didn't seem sure how they knew him."What's his name again? Senator What?" one man asked.Kruss seemed impressed and admired the Connecticut senator's stand against party politics. "I'm one of those in the mushy middle," he said, "like most Americans."

Link to picture of Senator Lieberman at Moe's Bagels in Aventura Florida

Friday, January 18, 2008

Aventura Florida and NYC Real Estate TALK

As promised, I will comment on the Inman's real estate conference Bloggers Connect - sponsored by HomePerks.com. In addition, to learning a lot of cool tips and tricks about the blogging world, I enjoyed meeting the people behind the blogs. In a future post I'll outline some blogging and SEO advice from the pro bloggers at the conference. For now, I'd like to mention some of the bloggers I met and continue an online dialogue that was recently started by Robin Greenbaum, Associate Broker at Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate in New York City.

I met Robin Greenbaum in the Exhibit hall while I was checking out all the companies presenting their products and services to the attendees. We briefly spoke and later met up at an intensive seminar discussing the future of blogging. After the seminar we talked about the connections between Aventura Florida and New York City real estate. We thought it would be a great idea to continue this conversation via blogs and videos. So, I sent her an email with a few questions about New York real estate. Here is a video of her response, it's episode 4 of Ask a New York City Real Estate Agent.

Robin, thanks for starting an online discussion about Florida and New York City real estate. Cool website plug! You mentioned the condos at Hidden Bay in Aventura Florida. Here's a photo of that community for those of you not familiar with the area.

As you all can see this community has amazing ocean views in Aventura. It's a picture perfect location that is located in a private area next to Aventura's Founders Park.

Response to Robin Greenbaum's questions:

Why Aventura over Miami?

Simple, Aventura Florida is centrally located and an easy commute to popular destinations in both Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. It's near I95 and the ocean. It's the best of both worlds. There's a real community atmosphere that is developing in Aventura, making it an ideal location to raise a family. Take a look at our blog archive and you'll see why Aventura is a great place to call home.

What's happening to Aventura real estate?

Well, as a realtor at Terrabella Realty I can comment that Aventura real estate is holding its value; however, properties are not moving as quickly as they once did. That being said, there will always be a market for luxury condos with ocean views and they do sell - even if priced high. Many of the recent sales are to forgein buyers taking advantage of the low dollar value. This is common in Aventua because a majority of owners in Aventura live in other states or countries, their real estate purchase was either an investment or for vacations. When I say other states I mean New York of course.

It's great having this discuss about New York and Florida real estate. I know that all of our Aventura readers will appreciate this topic. It's always good for our residents to meet a New York real estate agent, because they'll likely want to sell their New York real estate once they spend some time living in Aventura Florida. Thanks again.

I hope we get input from others and continue this video to blog trend.

Here are a few blogs around the country that I think are worth reading. I got to meet all these bloggers at Inman. If you're a bloggers make sure to check out the next Inman conference.

Real Estate Blog in New York City - Lockhart Steele

Real Estate Blog in Virgina - Daniel Rothamel

Real Estate Blog in Phoenix - Jay

Real Estate Blog in Reno Nevada Diane Cohn and Guy

Real Estate Blog in Miami - Lucas Lechuga

It was great meeting all the bloggers. I will be mentioning more and also I'll be discussing some of the new Internet companies that service the real estate industry. Subscribe or check back soon.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Creating A New Mindset for Aventura Residents

I have posted a blog in the past that was written by Amanda Arcilla, and as a person that I know has a lot of experience and great ideas on one’s self motivation. I would like to share some of her valuable knowledge with our City of Aventura residents. Amanda herself was an Aventura resident for many years, and still frequents the busy, and prospering, streets of Aventura. Please check out and enjoy her thoughts, and maybe Aventura residents will prosper even more with her insights.

Five Steps on Developing a New Mind Set Anytime of the Year
For most of us at this time of year, we are trying to make good of what ever our New Years resolution we have set for ourselves. For most of the human population this will be unattainable for various reasons or another. One reason is that we have yet to develop a proper mindset to really achieve success or resolution in the area we're wanting it in. Here are five tips I'm sure will help you develop a new mindset towards success any time of year!

Tip #1. Give yourself permission to let go - We can only fully accept all the good things when we have the capacity and deep profoundness to receive it by. This happens when you release things that no longer serve the journey of your life and your personal happiness. The thing you once thrived on now drags your energy.
What ever you call it, pain, anger, fear, other people etc...get right with it and then let it go! Know that your spirit is bigger than the emotion and has a grander insight to your purpose.

Tip#2. Make peace with where you're at right now -You'll get to where you want to go a lot quicker!

Tip#3. Start exercising the "good feeling and thinking" thing- For most of us (you know who you are) who have read all the personal development materials, self help books, listened to all the tapes, cd’s, cassettes, motivational gurus, past and present leaders etc. on key insights to a better, healthier, happier, more prosperous life. Start applying what feels good to you.

Tip#4. Really identify what works for you in life and what doesn't - Don't feel you have to wait on something new or a better system to be invented to start taking action for yourself. You don't have to perfect someone else's formula. Remember this is not a one size fits all world. You're unique for a reason.

Tip#5. Share the wealth and pass on the energy of information - Your encouragement for other's joy and success will always come back ten fold, which will in return only catapult your success!

Life gets a lot easier when you set out to intentionally create through deliberation and not by default. For a free 30 minute coaching on creating the life of your dreams and for more information go to www.intentionalvibe.com
Amanda Arcilla is Success/Attraction Coach. Instigate your dream into reality, you can read her unique story and coaching information at http://Intentionalvibe.com
Article Source: http://EzineArticles

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Williams Island resident Larry R. Handfield

There are many successful and interesting people who live in the City of Aventura. I think it's important to spotlight individuals that make a difference. The recent article from the Broward Times "Who's Who in Black South Florida: Larry R. Handfield, a humble man of loyalty, generosity and ethics" revealed that Larry Hanfield is an Aventura Florida resident within the 33180 zip code. He's a resident at Williams Island, the luxury condo community in Aventura.

Take a look at the article and learn about one of your neighbors in Aventura. Here's an excerpt from the Broward Times, written BY ADEYELA A. BENNETT

“Gov. Charlie Crist recently appointed our church member, Larry R. Handfield, to be the only minority, the only Miami-Dade County resident, and one of only two Democrats appointed by the governor to serve on the State of Florida Commission on Ethics,” the minister proudly proclaimed.

The congregation of about 200 mostly working-class Bahamians, Caribbean-Americans and African-Americans passionately applauded their brother's accomplishment.
The Florida Senate is scheduled to vote on Handfield’s appointment to this quasi-judicial body when it reconvenes in March. His term is slated to run through June 2009.

The nine-member commission, with a staff of about 20 employees in Tallahassee, serves as the guardian of standards of conduct for officers and employees of Florida and its political subdivisions, according to the commission's website. The commission also investigates and issues public reports on complaints of breaches of the public trust by public officers and employees.

Handfield is the principal in The Handfield Firm, a law firm of eight attorneys specializing in criminal defense in state and federal cases throughout the U.S.

Click to read more about Williams Island resident Larry Handfield

If there's an Aventura resident you feel deserves our attention, let us know.

Friday, January 11, 2008

What's Wrong With America?

I'm here in New York City and just finished the Inman conference. There's a lot for me to report. When I get back to Aventura, Florida I'll be writing several posts about the event and what I've learned. I need a few days to let the information settle in my head. Check back to see what's posted next.

In the meantime, I'd like to announce that during my trip in New York City I met up with comedian Jonathan Randall. He does stand up all over New York. He has agreed to start a series of posts called, "What's wrong with America?"

Here's what he has to say....

When you grow up with Britney Spears as your older sister it is hard
to get attention. Just when you think you might grab the spotlight
Britney shaves her head and tries to beat up an SUV with an umbrella
or flashes her vagina for the world to see. Sure you might have a hit
show on one of televisions biggest children's network, but your big
sister had a public marriage with one of the most talentless piece of
crap in the known galaxy. Actually calling Kevin Federline crap is
really not fair to poo. He is more like the poopoo that gets stuck to
the side of the bowl after you flush, and the next time you use the
toilet you have to pee at really hard to try and get rid of.

Poor Jamie Lynn the only way to get attention in a family built on lip
singing and tabloids is to get pregnant at 16, Britney might have done
and continue to do allot of screwed up things but she can never get
pregnant at 16. Finally, advantage Jamie Lynn, their mom must be so
proud. After all mommy Spears will probably get a percentage of the
Million bucks OK magazine is paying for pictures of the baby after its
born. That's right a million bucks for having a baby at 16, finally
teenage pregnancy is cool and profitable. I'm sure if she has a
miscarriage one of these soul sucking, lets rethink the whole freedom
of press thing magazines will cough up 100 grand for pics of the dead

But wait there's more! Getting knocked up at 16 wasn't enough for
Jamie Lynn oh no when you have to compete with Britney's level of
dysfunction you need to bring it. According to several news outlets
the father of the worlds most famous fetus is not the 18 year old the
Spears family claims, oh no he is just a hired stooge. The real dad is
an executive on Jaime's cancelled show Zoey 101. That's right
Nickelodeon has pedophiles on the pay role, hey no one knows kids like a child molester. Congratulations Jaimie you officially reached movie of the the week status. We will probably see your story on Lifetime this year starring Lindsy Lohan's little sister.

Where does all this leave Jamie Lynn's fans? Well those under 17 can ditch Sex Ed 101 and follow in the foot steps of their favorite tween queen by getting pregnant. Thanks to Jamie Lynn teen pregnancy is as trendy as Uggs and over sized hand bags. The older fans who were OK with masturbating to a 16 year old will now have to decide if stroking it to a pregnant 16 year old is just going to far.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY.... let us know.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Maintain a Permanent Positive Attitude

Our blog team was excited to learn that there are other local individuals making a difference online. One of those individuals is a local Aventura resident, Paul Lederman, who is a part of the Morning Coach team. Morning Coach is a unique community of people making a difference and who are manifesting the best possible life experience. Paul believes that this can be useful for many residents in Aventura Florida and can help make our community a more positive place to live.

It was obvious that there was a lot to learn about Morning Coach, so Paul arranged for us to interview JB Glossinger, the founder of Morning Coach.

Here are a few questions he answered after we spoke...the rest you can learn by watching the video interview below.

Why Join Morning Coach?

Becoming a Member of MorningCoach.com allows every individual to experience the best of change. We provide you with all the tools necessary and 30 minutes of daily HIGH quality, real time personal development and life coaching in order to achieve and live the best possible life available to you. Not only that, we will be bringing in the finest teachers and coaches accessible to give you continued quality information, tools and resources to make a transition in your life.

How does Morning Coach allow you to TRANSITION into TRANSFORMATION and finally MANIFESTATION?

By assisting all members to set goals, have objectives, gain clarity and then maintain a permanent positive attitude to get your mind around – to make your thoughts become a reality. We call this manifestation!

Morning Coach gives you the platform and the tools to make the transformation to any reality you want!

Take Control of your Life
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Learn why you are the luckiest person alive.
Be a part of a community manifesting Abundance, Health and Happiness
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Morning Inspiration and life coaching every day 365 days a year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mortgage Mistakes for Aventura Residents to Avoid

Happy new year to all of Aventura, South Florida. At a time of year when people decide to change their lives in some positive way with a resolution, I thought I would share an article with all of you residents of Aventura that will hopefully be a resolution for all in regards to mortgages. Whether you already own a home in Aventura, or are looking to make a home in Aventura you should always make sure to make important decisions regarding your financing. I found an interesting article regarding 8 mortgage mistakes a person can make, and thought to share it with all of our Aventura readers.
Feel free to contact me through our email for any assistance in your residential financing needs.

8 big mortgage mistakes and how to avoid them
You can borrow too much or prepare too little. You can misjudge terms or overestimate your credit. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder so much can go wrong.
By Liz Pulliam Weston
Applying for a mortgage can be a daunting experience.
It's not enough that you're agreeing to take on the biggest debt of your life, one that represents two to three times your annual income. You're also confronted with piles of paperwork, flurries of fees and a tidal wave of terms, from amortization to title insurance, whose meaning is fuzzy at best.
"Whether it's a professor at Stanford or a ditch digger," said San Francisco mortgage broker Leon Huntting, "most people don't understand the loan process."
In this confusing and pressure-filled atmosphere, it's easy to make some mistakes. Here are some common ones that lenders and mortgage brokers see, and what you can do to prevent them.
Not fixing your credit
Mortgage brokers say they're confounded at the number of buyers who apply for a mortgage with their fingers crossed, hoping their credit will allow them to qualify for a loan.
Before you even think about applying for a mortgage, obtain copies of your credit report and your FICO credit score. Your FICO score is the three-digit number that's used in 75% of mortgage-lending decisions. You can order your FICO score on the Web for a fee of $14.95, which includes a copy of your credit report.
Doing this at least six months in advance should give you plenty of time to challenge any errors on your report and ensure that they're removed by the time you're ready to apply for a loan. You can also see the legitimate factors that are hurting your score and do something about them, such as paying off an overdue bill or paying down credit card debt.
Not looking for first-time home buyers' programs
These programs, typically sponsored by state, county or city governments, often offer better interest rates and terms than you'll find among private lenders, said mortgage consultant Diane St. James. Some are tailored for people with damaged credit, while most can help people with little saved for a down payment.
Some of these resources are listed on St. James' educational Web site, ABC Mortgage Consulting. You can also call the housing agencies for your state, county and city to see what they offer.
Not getting pre-approved for a loan
Many first-time borrowers confuse being "pre-qualified" with being "pre-approved." Pre-qualification is a pretty casual process, where a lender tells you how much money you probably can borrow based on how much money you make, how much debt you already have and how much cash you have for the down payment.
Getting pre-approval, by contrast, is a much more rigorous process and involves actually applying for a loan. You typically submit tax returns, pay stubs and other information. The lender verifies the information and checks your credit. If all goes well, the lender agrees in writing to make the loan.
In a hot or even warm real estate market, the house hunter who is only pre-qualified is a cooked goose. Home sellers and their agents give much more weight to offers being made by buyers who already have a loan lined up.
Borrowing too much money
Many people take out the biggest loan they possibly can, figuring that their incomes will eventually increase enough to make the payments comfortable. But few first-time buyers have any clear idea of how expensive homeownership can be. Not only will you shell out more for mortgage payments than you probably did for rent, but you'll also need to cover property taxes and homeowners insurance, as well as higher bills for utilities, maintenance and repairs than you faced as a renter.
Lenders are perfectly willing to let you overextend, knowing that you'll probably forgo vacations, retirement savings and new clothes for the kids rather than default on your mortgage.
"Mortgage money … is way too easy to get," said Ted Grose, president of the California Association of Mortgage Brokers. "People tend to overbuy … and that can really stress family life. It's also a formula for foreclosure."
Instead of going to the edge of affordability, consider limiting your housing costs -- mortgage payments, property taxes and homeowners insurance -- to 25% or so of your gross income. That's a much more sustainable level for most people, financial planners say, than the 33% lenders are typically willing to give you.
Not shopping around for rates and terms
Mortgage broker Allen Jackson of Bristol Home Loans in Bellflower, Calif., sees too many borrowers with decent credit getting stuck with loans meant for people with poor credit. So-called "subprime" loans are often more profitable, so less ethical mortgage brokers may push them.
If the borrower doesn't know what the prevailing interest rates are for someone with their credit standing, Jackson said, they can easily pay thousands of dollars more than they need to. You can see a listing of loan rates by credit score at MyFico.com, and a comprehensive listing of prevailing rates and fees can be found in MSN Money's Banking area.
Even people with a few dings on their credit can often qualify for better loans than they're typically offered, said Grose of 1st Mortgage Advisors in Los Angeles. He believes most of the people being shunted into government loan programs, such as Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, would pay less if they used mortgages now being offered by private-sector lenders.
Paying junk fees
Lenders can boost their profits by adding on a variety of fees. Some may be legitimate, some may be inflated and others may be pure fluff. Lenders may charge for "document preparation," for example, when all that involves typically is having a computer spit out a form. Or they may charge $150 for a credit check that cost them $15.
The time to challenge junk fees is not when you're about to sign the loan papers. Use a mortgage broker or call a number of lenders to compare their loans. Ask about the interest rate, the "points" charged to get that rate (each point is 1% of the total loan amount) and any other fees the lender charges. Then you can compare terms.
Once you've selected a lender, you'll be given a good-faith estimate of closing costs, which should include any fees being charged. Ask about each fee, and try to negotiate down the ones that seem excessive.
If the lender won't negotiate, "take that estimate to someone else," St. James said. "I'll bet they can beat it."
Unfortunately, this doesn't absolutely guarantee you won't face junk fees when it comes time to sign the loan. Many borrowers complain that they still face higher costs than were originally estimated, and so far the federal government has done little to prevent the practice. You can try challenging junk fees at this point, but most likely you'll have to bite the bullet and pay the fees to get your loan.
Not planning for closing costs
The day you're scheduled to get your loan, known as closing, you'll also be expected to write a check for a number of expenses, which typically include attorney's fees, taxes, title insurance, prepaid homeowners insurance, points and other lenders' fees. Together, these are known as closing costs, and the total can be eye-popping: somewhere between 2% to 7% of the selling price of the house.
"Usually, when people see the closing costs, they're like a deer in the headlights," said mortgage broker Hunting, who works for Pacific Guarantee Mortgage. "It's much more than they ever think it's going to be."
Plan for closing costs by getting a good-faith estimate from your lender as early in the loan process as possible. Make sure you have the cash on hand (or rather, in your checking account) and that it doesn't "disappear" before closing because of sloppy bookkeeping or a last-minute emergency.
Not having enough cash on hand after closing
After borrowing too much, and scraping together every last dime for closing costs, many home buyers have nothing left in the bank to pay for anything unforeseen happening --and something unforeseen always happens.
"It costs so much just to move in," Grose said. "Then the water heater breaks."
Some people are so tapped out by the process, Jackson said, that they're not able to make their first mortgage payment on time. That's why "more and more lenders are requiring [borrowers have] three months' reserves after closing," Jackson said.
That's a smart idea for borrowers, anyway. Having three months' reserves, which means a fund equal to three months' worth of expenses, will help you handle the added costs of homeownership with much less stress.
Liz Pulliam Weston's column appears every Monday and Thursday, exclusively on MSN Money. She also answers reader questions in the Your Money message board.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Aventura Mall

Happy New Year Aventura!

I drove by the Aventura Mall a few times in the last couple of days and the traffic has been terrible. The fact is the Aventura Mall has become a shopping mecca. In addition to being a local
hot spot, many travel long distances to visit popular retailers. Well, if you didn't already notice, the Aventura Mall is growing. This means more shopping and MORE TRAFFIC.


Let's be honest, as much as we all hate the traffic it means people are spending money in the City of Aventura. This creates jobs, opportunities, and demand for the surrounding real estate. The article below will give you insight into the past and future of the Aventura Mall.

Enjoy the article...

Miami Herald
Posted on Thu, Dec. 27, 2007

Expanding Aventura Mall lures luxury retailers

Don Soffer knew when he first started planning the Aventura Mall more than 25 years ago that the area would have the population to support luxury shopping. While retailers didn't necessarily agree with Soffer in the late 1970s and early 1980s, they have long since changed their mind. Aventura Mall ranks as one of the country's top-performing centers -- with sales at $1,150 per square foot in 2006, almost three times the national average.

''Back then I had to convince the stores that they had customers here,'' Soffer said. ``This was the boondocks out here.''

Now a city has grown up around the mall, complete with the typical urban traffic jams.
When Nordstrom opens its doors at Aventura Mall on Feb. 15, it will mark another step in raising the mall's profile in time for its 25th anniversary on April 27. The $100 million expansion project comes on the heels of a $24 million renovation of the existing mall.

''It's by far the best center in Miami-Dade and Broward,'' said Arthur Weiner, principal of AWE Talisman, a retail developer and consulting firm with offices in Aventura and Coral Gables.
Yet when it comes to luxury offerings, Aventura has its share of company in South Florida, where high-end retail continues to flourish. When the Bal Harbour Shops opened its doors in 1965 -- at first without any anchor stores -- it set the standard for this new era in South Florida shopping. The Town Center at Boca Raton followed, with a lineup that has grown to include Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Malls from Dadeland in Kendall to Galleria in Fort Lauderdale have added more luxury stores over the years.

One of the newest players is The Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables, which opened in 2002 and struggled at first. Originally billed as a pure luxury center with stores like Gucci, Tiffany, Burberry and Neiman Marcus, it is now diversifying its mix of retailers. Even the king of value shopping now has a luxury wing. Sawgrass Mills, the mega-outlet mall in Sunrise, expanded last year to add the Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass, with names like David Yurman, Barneys New York and Salvatore Ferragamo.

In addition to Nordstrom, Aventura Mall will add a new wing with almost 160,000 more square feet and a 1,840-space parking garage. Key tenants include restaurant Mitchell's Ocean Club, a Hugo Boss flagship, Calvin Klein, Lily Pulitzer, M. Missoni, AG Adriano Goldschmied, Parasuco and Ferrari. Plus, Abercrombie & Fitch's new concept C5 and a new Forever XXI mini-department store.

''Everytime we bring in new stores it brings in more people,'' Soffer said.
Nordstrom plans to highlight its top designer merchandise in Aventura with the likes of Versace, Burberry Prorsum, Armani Collezioni, Dolce & Gabbana and Tory Burch.
''We definitely have some high hopes,'' said Michael Boyd, a Nordstrom spokesman. ``We think there's a lot of business to earn.''

In addition to the new wing, Aventura Mall has been in the process of upgrading its entire tenant mix. In the past year, the mall has seen a wide variety of new stores including Tourneau, Ted Baker, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Lululemon, Lacoste, Theory, Ruehl and Grand Lux Cafe.

''The center is growing up,'' said Joe Tagliola, president of Turnberry Associates retail division. ``We're not just adding run-of-the-mill mall stores. We're really stretching to add some uniqueness to the center.''

And there are still more to come in 2008, including Hollister, Oakley, Kate Spade, 7 For All Mankind, Lush cosmetics, Cut & Sew by Marc Ecko and The Grill on the Alley restaurant.
Plus, industry sources say Barneys Co-op is on its way. The variety of new stores, coupled with the existing anchors of Macy's, Sears, JCPenney and Bloomingdale's, makes Aventura the dominant mall in the region. Industry experts say what makes the center unique is its ability to offer something for customers of all ages and income brackets.

''Dadeland is very touristy and very young, while Aventura is much more of a balanced demographic,'' said Cynthia Cohen, president of Strategic Mindshare, a Miami-based national retail consultant. ``Aventura is great for the masses.''

But as Aventura's sales doubled in the past five to eight years, the mall also generated interest from retailers who previously had their home on the second floor of the Bal Harbour Shops. Tenants that have moved over the years included Lacoste, Coach, Hugo Boss and Williams-Sonoma. The advantage Aventura Mall offers: a larger volume of shoppers. Even in a year where many malls have struggled, Aventura is on track for sales increases of between 5 and 7 percent.

''Aventura's sales are so obscene that even the snobbiest of brands must take a look at it,'' Weiner said. ``No one in their right mind can turn a blind eye.''

And don't discount the possibility of another expansion down the road. Turnberry executives say plans are being kicked around, but nothing is ready to move forward.

''We're never out of space,'' Soffer said. ``We can always go vertical.''