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Thursday, April 23, 2009

G1 Phone Review

The G1 Google phone is the newest and best gadget for business and social use. This new cellphone created by Google is worth every penny. It's expensive, but you can find deals online. This is a perfect gift for your wife, husband, son, or daughter, the grandparents love it too.

A quick story about my cellphone change. I switched to the G1 phone from a Blackberry. The switch was done because I was changing from Sprint to Tmobile and Tmobile phones need to use a SIM card, while Sprint phones do not. Needless to say, I needed a new phone. So, I sold my Blackberry on craigslist and put the money towards the Google G1 phone.

The Google G1 phone is amazing. It easily syncs to Google apps like gmail and google docs. This makes organizing your contacts simple. The Internet browser is fantastic so you can surf the Internet smoothly. The phone is touchscreen, but also has a keypad which makes for easy texting and emailing.

Read more about the Google G1 Phone.

Let us know if you have the Google G1 phone and how you like it...drop us a comment.

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