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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

E-commerce Consulting South Florida

Charm Consulting is a technology services consulting company established to support your business commerce needs. They specialize in bringing affordable solutions to businesses ranging from the developing E-commerce site to established national corporations. Charm Consulting is located in Boca Raton, Florida and serves the entire South Florida area, including Fort Lauderdale, Aventura and North Miami Beach. The company’s proven track record in E-commerce will show you how your E-commerce business can increase sales by 50% or more.

Charm Consulting will show you how to break through the online clutter and stand out. Their team has years of experience generating profitable sales on eBay, Amazon and other pay-per-click campaigns. Even in today’s difficult economy our clients save money while being more profitable.

Charm Consulting works with business owners to define, execute and evaluate strategic and tactical marketing programs that help build relationships, reinforce and maintain competitive differentiation and increase customer loyalty to grow their businesses profitably.
Charm Consulting’s e-commerce and business solutions include:

Commerce Blogging
eCommerce Business Issues
eCommerce Usability
eMail Marketing
Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Shopping Carts
Success Stories
Website Reviews Charm Consulting’s management consulting services include:
Operations Management
Business Strategies
Customer Relations
Enterprise Performance
Financial Management
Human Resources
Marketing Science
Logistical and Supply Chain
Workforce Performance

Charm Consulting adds a smart touch to online marketing, offering feature-rich E-commerce solutions which include complete flexibility and control over appearance, content and functionality. These customized E-commerce websites offer you more at a lower price. Features include:

Analytics and Reporting (including Google analytics)
Catalog Browsing
Product Browsing
Catalog Management
Customer and Order Management
Payment Solutions
Search Engine Optimization
Multilingual International Support
Marketing and Promotional Tools
Site Management

Charm Consulting serves businesses in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. They work with sole proprietors as well as E-commerce giants offering expert advice and solutions. Satisfied clientele include:

discountjewelryltd.com – North Miami Beach, FL
Shopdigitalcorp.com – Hollywood, FL
eGlobalWireless.com – Boca Raton, FL

Message from Charm Consulting:

It is critical in today’s online marketplace to make use of every avenue available to generate sales leads. We try and put a strong focus on non-conventional marketing tools like original content, blogs, and constant updates to ensure maximum visibility.

Today, hundreds of companies are promising the world to business owners and delivering standard search engine optimization programs and expensive pay-per-click advertising campaigns, Charm Consulting uses a hands-on approach to more cost effective advertising. We give you the tools to generate advertising revenue of your own instead of paying others to promote your business. Charm Consulting has the knowledge, experience and expertise to develop your online business into a marketplace leader.

Anybody can put together a professional looking website, but until you optimize your website and generate exposure you are essentially invisible. Many companies collect hefty fees for site optimization and use standard ad-words and other PPC (pay-per-click) companies to try to generate leads. It is very important to stay current with the changes that Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines are making in order to outpace your competition. As the online marketplace becomes more segmented and its availability to users increases, the importance of natural exposure increases.

A recently published article in Wired magazine mentions the ‘Google Slap.’ “A major change Google made in early March to its AdWords algorithm is resulting in a double whammy for some advertisers: The rates they are now paying for ads have skyrocketed while conversion rates for those ads have dropped. Disgruntled advertisers have dubbed the move the Google Slap.”
“Google is really opposed to these thin affiliate-marketing sites that people post just to run advertising. They want to promote real websites or people with real businesses, and they've gotten really good at sniffing out advertisers who are just there to make a quick buck," says Betsy Schiffman of the Wired Blog Network)

Google and other search engines are now tracking other factors like how often businesses update their site. Are they legitimate businesses, and are they adding fresh content? Today, the single most important factor affecting successful search engine results is fresh, original content on a websites landing page. Instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns, our company offers you low cost ways that you can take advantage of these methods.
Contact us today to learn how you can get more results at lower cost than any other company.

Ezra Charm
Vice President, Charm Consulting

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