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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Greynolds to Uganda

The City of Aventura is home to a prestigious golf club that will host the LPGA later this month. Those who don't have a membership to this elite course, know where to go for an enjoyable game of nine holes. That charming location is the public course at Greynolds Park. This is where I learned to play golf by getting tips from my friends who were more skilled in the game.

Jon Frommer, a buddy of mine, lived minutes from Greynolds. He was one of my friends who helped me learn the game of golf. Jon's older brother, Daniel, also enjoyed the Greynolds course while he lived in Florida. This year, Daniel had the opportunity to gift golf clubs to those in need. Recently, he organized a charitable initiative to bring golf supplies to Uganda. Why Uganda, why golf? Check out the Wall Street Journal article...

Ugandan Boys Receive Gift of Golf - click to read full article
April 11, 2008 2:33 p.m.

"This January, Mr. Frommer's longtime friend Clare Murumba urged him to visit Uganda, her native country. Ms. Murumba, also an attorney, recently moved from New York City back to Uganda with the dream of helping build its tourist economy. She told her friend of one of her country's greatest potential assets — the many golf courses that were built during the British administration from 1894 to 1962. Mr. Frommer was intrigued by Ms. Murumba's description of golf courses populated with monkeys and lizards.

Yet the courses also are a reminder of the country's poverty, because few of the local children have access to clubs and other equipment. Ms. Murumba told Mr. Frommer about the groups of young local boys who loiter outside Ugandan golf courses and descend upon players, begging to carry clubs for 18 holes in exchange for about $2.

The boys love golf, she told Mr. Frommer, but they have almost no access to clubs and balls. "The idea that, but for the availability of equipment, these impoverished kids could benefit from golf as both a source of recreation and making money was really heartbreaking," he says."

Daniel and Clare would like to see this project grow. Take a look at the website and pass it on to all your friends, family, and fellow golfers - http://www.ugandagolf.org/ .

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