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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gas Prices in Aventura

We all know that gas prices have been going up and are at record highs. It appears that fuel has finally hit the dreaded number for this year - $4.00 a gallon and headed to $5.00. Everyone is pissed when they have to fill up at the gas stations, nobody even looks at the pump to see the final cost - it's too painful. When the gas per gallon is the same as minimum wage, our country will likely have some sort of civil uprising.

I was at the gas station, in the Promenade Shops, and a couple was telling their kids that they couldn't go to the park on Sunday because gas is too expensive. The look on those kids faces depressed me. It's no joke, lives are changing based on the price of gas. I'm trying to drive less and car pool more or even walk locally. If you are in the financial position to fill up the car next to you filled with kids, do it. Who knows, maybe that family will now be able to make it to the park this weekend.

Here's a list of gas prices around Aventura and the 33180 area, click this link - cheap gas prices in Aventura Florida.

I'm not sure what the answer to this problem is, but I do know how to listen so email us your thoughts. Some say that hybrid cars and trucks will better the situation. Here's a clip from the article - read more on this topic.

"With an average savings of about $400 a year in gas, it will take you about seven years to break even.

For others, it's not about being mindful of money but being comfortable.

"It sucks that it's going up there, it's a need and I know a truck will eat more gas but that's the way I am."

Can hybrids bring you happiness? That's for you to decide but for this car buyer, it's a way to drive past dependence on gas leaving behind worries of watching the ever-escalating prices."

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