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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Readers Comment

Recently, I posted a list of winners from the "Go Green Awards" by the City of Aventura. I'd like to share an email that I received from one of our readers concerning the Point East award...

Please forward this to whomever published the Arbor Day Ceremony awards that appeared on the bulletin boards in Point East Corp Four buildings.

Re: GO GREEN Initiative Program Winners...............

1) Recent extensive plantings of water-thirsty bushes is far from "Green".
2) Replacing the incandescent bulbs (fifty percent of which are out as we speak) in the area-in-front-of-the-elevators-which-I-will-never-call-a-lobby with other incandescent bulbs is not "Green".
3) Dumping the "recyclables" on top of the household garbage (I watched the truck operator do it) is not "Green".

Thanks..................Seth Lefkow

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