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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aventura Florida Blog

There have been several changes that have been going on with the blog. We've received a lot of positive feedback relating to our new website - Aventura Blog, Aventura Real Estate, Aventura Jobs. This site will continue to grow as we add new pages. Scheduled to release in the next few weeks, is a restaurant section. If you have any ideas regarding a section for the new site, please send us an email. We look forward to your input.

Our current blog, the one you're reading right now will continue to exist. We'll be up dating this blog along with the dot com site. There are still many articles on this website that are very popular.

Here's some of the most recent popular blog articles.

1. The blog post regarding the traffic light camers in Aventura was extremely popular. We've all seen the cameras around the Aventura circle and on Biscayne Blvd. Big brother is watching all of us as we drive by in our BMW, Benz, Range Rover, and other luxury autos. This post explores some of the legal background of the traffic light cameras in Aventura.

2. This blog post was about the Atlantic One at The Point in Aventura Florida. This explored the luxury lifestyle in an apartment in Atlantic One The Point. Our readers gave us a great response via email. Many readers are owners or potential buyers in the Atlantic One at The Point, so this information was very relevant. Since I'm also a Realtor, I was able to connect a link with available condos for sale in Atlantic One at The Point and for rent. Residents in other condos in Aventura have requested that we feature their apartment building in Aventura. This pages will develop as the website continues to grow.

If you have a favorite posting let us know!

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