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Monday, December 29, 2008

DestinyMaker Update

It's been a great year for the growth of DestinyMaker.

On January 1st 2008 I announced my route for the 3rd annual cross country ride. This ride was to be my longest to date. It also turned out to be the most difficult.

Also in January, Nyle and I were invited by the National Epilepsy Foundation to attend their 2008 Speak out conference. This would be held at the end of March just 4 weeks before I would go to Denver to begin this year's bike ride.

In March, Nyle and I attended the conference and had a great time. The learning experience for Nyle was invaluable. He had to deliver a message to Senate staff and Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz. He hit a home run. We also had the honor to walk with the Congresswoman who was kind enough to take a photo with Nyle with the Capital building in the back ground.

In the Spring issue of Healthy Living Magazine they did a article on DestinyMaker which was read by millions. This was the largest distribution of any press so far.

Sacha Sackett gives destinymaker permission to use his song "Stuck in the Sunset" for the 2008 destinymaker video.

At the end of April I started my 2008 ride and went west to Moab, Utah south to Phoenix, west to Malibu, North on the PCH crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. I went North into Oregon, Washington. I crossed into Canada just North of Seattle. I then went East when I arrived back into the US at International Falls, Minn. I crossed Michigan. Back into Canada I went to Toronto. Back to America at Niagara Falls. There I went south all the way home to Aventura. 8100 miles in 81 days.

In Calgary I received a medal for my efforts in raising awareness.

During physical rest for nearly 2 months I opened the destinymaker facebook page. In a few months I have sent out hundreds of messages and articles on other families and research. I'm proud of the work done here and I will continue the group for years to come.

In September the 2008 DestinyMaker Video was released.

In October I announced I would attempt a 24 hour bike ride raising Epilepsy awareness not by mile but by hour. What am I thinking? Riders in Countries around the world will join biking one hour while I ride 24.

In November I was contacted by the Epilepsy Genome Project to help raise awareness on their research which could unlock the mysteries of Epilepsy. In January I will fly to San Fran and meet their team.

December 1st I started my training program for the 24 hour event. In the 3 weeks of training I feel as if I am ready for the challenge.

Mid December Nyle had an operation to fix his right foot and all is deemed a success. Nyle came home and is doing great.

At the end of December I found out that all paperwork to form the destinymaker charity will be submitted in early January of 2009 and pending State approval I will reach the dream of that goal.

The destinymaker web site has now recorded hits from 60 Countries and close to 2000 cities.

It's been a great year but there is much still to do and I will triple my efforts to bring attention to the world about Epilepsy.

Go to www.destinymaker.org for more information.

Nyle and I wish you a Happy New Year!!!!!

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