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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jason Wasser Marriage and Family Therapy

Economic Crisis and The Family
Jason Wasser, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

In the midst of a world economic crisis, millions of families will be challenged in ways that can cause significant negative effects to their lives. As a Marriage and Family Therapist here in South Florida, economic stress is one of the main reasons why a couple or family will initiate therapy with me. In fact, Viktor Gecas, professor of sociology and head of the Department of Sociology at Purdue University notes that “research shows that this kind of stress can lead to changes in family members and in family dynamics, such as husbands becoming irritable and wives becoming depressed, as well as more extreme problems such as mental health issues, alcoholism, drug abuse and family violence.”

How we learn to cope with this present situation is based on the resources that we have access to. Families that were already struggling before the present crisis may be hit the hardest. The friends and family members that they usually can count of in times of need may also be affected by their own economic woes.

Wasser continues to explain this issue in greater detail in his full article about economic crisis and the family - visit the link to read on. Please spread the word and pass it on. This is very helpful in a time of need for most people.

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