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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barack Obama Flip Video

A Tip For Bloggers - Always be where the action is and have a pen, paper, camera, and video on hand to capture events live.

theFlip Ultra

We all know that content is king and that a great blog has amazing content. That's why every blogger should own a Flip Video camera. I use The Flip and love it. It's simple and easy to operate and best of all it fits in my pocket. I heard about this camera when I was at a blogging conference in New York City one year ago. This is when fellow bloggers introduced it to me. If you blog, you need a Flip. It's perfect for capturing events, interviews, video blogs, and even family trips. I bought mine in the store and paid too much. Now you can find them online, buy a Flip Video Camcorders – Buy online directly from the Flip and receive Free Shipping!

This video camera requires know wires to upload your video to Youtube. It has a usb finger that pops out of the side or top and connects directly to your computer. It's a no-brainer tool for getting quick video.

This is perfect for Realtors that want to take a quick video tour of a listing and have it handy to show a potential buyer. The video can be uploaded online and used to create a video tour. Whatever your use, The Flip is a cool gadget and I'm a fan.

Get the Barack Obama - Change We Can Believe In Flip MINO Camera! Order Now

The company just came out with a the Barack Obama Flip - Change We Can Believe In. This is a cool designed graphic with Presidential branding. I'm not sure how I feel about this and why someone would want it, but I'm sure it'll be a popular seller. Everyone loves Obama so I guess consumers want his face on every item they purchase.

I predict that the Barack Obama Flip will be the next big sale item to jump on the Obama product wagon. THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Do you love Obama and want him on your Flip, drop us a comment and share your thoughts. Thanks.

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