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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coco and Cookie Need a Home

Coco and Cookie found a home. We got an email that was circulating to try and find a home for two labs - Coco and Cookie. It's a rumor that these two dogs found a home and we can not verify this, but maybe someone reading can. The email explained that the owners lost their home and were moving to a small apartment and need a home for their two dogs Coco and Cookie.

Coco and Cookie are great names for these two labs - the picture looks like a black and white cookie. After researching online, I found that these dogs might be in Portland or a small town in Ohio. We got the email in South Florida and it spread quickly. There are a lot of dog lovers and people really want to help. After reading the email about their situation and seeing how much they care for their dogs, everyone wants to lend a hand. We suggest you read the full Coco and Cookie email - it's at the bottom of the article.

If they are not adopted yet and you know where they are and can house them, please adopt these dogs today.

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