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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kosher Cruises

Kosher cruises are about to change a Kosher kitchen all year on a cruise, imagine that. There are many Kosher cruises that travel on long journeys and even Kosher cruises over the Passover holiday. The main issue travelers have with a Kosher cruise is the fact the the Kosher food is not fresh. This is because until now a Kosher cruise consisted of premade Kosher food that was either frozen or pack sealed and brought on the ship. The food was only warmed or heated and other restrictions applied because the ship didn't have a Kosher kitchen. There's a cruise company planning to have its very own Kosher kitchen and therefore will be able to have amazing fresh Kosher food all year.

This Glatt Kosher cruise will run from Florida to the Bahamas and will be a two day or three day cruise. This is a perfect time frame for those who want to schedule a quick vacation. It's ideal for those visiting Florida and want to change it up and do something different. This still leaves enough time to visit family, hang in Miami Beach, or make that business meeting in Florida. Kosher cruises have never been this quick and easy. A getaway for a family and they'll all enjoy the Kosher food - no more double wrapped fish, weekend vegatarians, packed sandwiches, or frozen airplane food.

There are many families that keep Glatt Kosher and want to travel but have a difficult time traveling without the kids. This is because Kosher travel meant taking an extended vacation, but who will watch the kids for a week or two? Now it's possible, have the kids watched for two day or three while you and your husband take a relaxing Kosher cruise to the Bahamas. This is truly a perfect way to relax and revitalize your senses.

The Glatt Kosher cruises can take you all over the world, but as far as we know the cruise companies are not running a Kosher kitchen. These are third party companies that rent space for a limited time. This ship is planning to have its very own Kosher kitchen. There are Kosher cruises in Alaska, Kosher cruises in Israel, a Kosher Mediterranean cruises, Kosher cruises in Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Malta, Turkey Kosher cruises in Greece, stops in Monaco, Croatia, Caribbean Kosher cruises that hit Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Kosher cruise vacations in Russia and the Baltics, and many more extended Kosher cruises that last weeks and cost thousands. This Florida Kosher cruise vacation to the Bahamas is the best to travel for a birthday celebration, wedding party, anniversary, business meeting, or a romantic few days.

More details about this Kosher cruise vacation will be posted soon. In the meantime, if you wish to receive more information, fill in the form below to get immediate Kosher vacation cruise information. Watch for the next posting with more details.




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