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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Banks on every corner in Aventura

The international and wealthy community of Aventura, FL. is likely what caused banks to flock to the 33180 zip code. The average individual without complex financial needs a convenient deposit and withdrawal system. Those individuals or businesses requiring complex financial services, trust accounts, business credits, international specialists, investment management, family offices, and other areas of wealth and business management, are likely more critical and demanding when it comes to their banking institutions.

Banks like most businesses, compete for business and entered the Aventura community in effort to earn the banking business of its residents. Many banks were started as trust companies managing the wealth of one family or a family business starts a bank and lends their wealth. This attracts those in their sphere of influence to deposit and invest with the bank.

Read full article and watch funny Lewis Black video about "too many Starbucks"

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