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Monday, July 5, 2010

South Florida Fantasy Football tips

This is the time of year where the word “limbo” comes to mind. Of course I’m not referring to Dante’s Inferno’s 8th bolge of hell, but sports fans are actually facing something much worse these days: how to cope with a fairly mundane sports schedule. Yes, I know… We have the World Cup and MLB is in full swing; but let’s accept reality: The NBA Finals are over, and for football-hungry South Floridians, the NFL season cannot come soon enough. So here’s some tips to help you cope in the meantime.

1. Visit Fantasy Football Sites

Whether you’re in a league or not, rookie or veteran, now’s the time to scour the web to find some great fantasy sites where you can sign up, play and/or start preparing for the upcoming season. The most intriguing of them all appears to be NFL.com where they have just unveiled their brand new 2010 game and draft tools. Another worth exploring is Fanball.com which offers a variety of games, tools, articles, and even a 24/7 season-long advice service. Now, If you’re interested in entering a contest where you can gain national recognition for being one of the best (and a potential nice payout), I recommend researching 2 of the majors: The World Championship of Fantasy Football at wcoff.com; and The National Fantasy Football Championship at nffc.fanball.com. And in my humble opinion, if you just want to play FF with a group of friends, or even people you’ve never met, the best onsite venues may still be Sportsline.com, ESPN.com, and Yahoo.com.

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