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Monday, October 29, 2007

Miami Herald takes notice of our City of Aventura blog

This past sunday the Miami Herald covered our blog and featured the story on the cover of the Aventura, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Highland Lakes, Neighbors section. Michael and Aaron commented on the blog's vision and its ability to cause positive change in the City of Aventura. The attention from the article has been overwhelming. The emails have been coming in and we promise to answer everyone. Please understand this all happened very fast. We look forward to growing and being the most relevant website relating to the City of Aventura. If you have a voice we want to hear it.

Posted on Sun, Oct. 28, 2007
City blog to foster real talk
He grew up in Aventura when it wasn't known as Aventura. He traveled the world and chose to come back to his hometown and start his own business.
But Internet consultant Aaron Gurland wasn't satisfied. The city he returned to, he realized, had no place for the community to come together, like Central Park in New York City.
''On a nice, beautiful Sunday it's packed with people,'' Gurland said of the park. ``It's one of the greatest places to gather in the world.''
In built-out, space-starved Aventura, Gurland, 29, has turned to the Web in his quest for a place where residents can interact. READ MORE...

If you missed our feature article here's the link - City of Aventura Florida, 33180

Yes we got a lot of attention and increased traffic to our blog, but let's remember that our city is a piece of the USA. So, I'd like to acknowledge the dedicated American soldiers who are away from their cities, homes, and families. The first thing that came to mind was to post a clip of the National Anthem. Enjoy!

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