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Thursday, October 25, 2007

South Florida Housing Politics

As we all know, Aventura, its surrounding cities, and Florida as a whole has had a big part in deciding the last two presidential elections. It seems as though, Aventura, and its parent state will probably be at the forefront of the upcoming election for the third straight elections. The Republicans have had the edge in the previous two, but with the current housing market, the next election seems to be shaping out for the Democrats. Check out Christopher Cooper’s article from the Wall Street Journal - click here to read more.

Why don’t the Republican presidential candidates put the housing issue at the top of their agenda? Why aren’t the candidates consulting with their Republican counterparts in the so called “swing states” for help on this growing topic? Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, our state Governor, is taking many steps to ease, and overturn the direction of the wave. He is trying to do so from many different attack strategies in regards to predatory lending laws (to protect the consumer), property taxes and property insurance rates, and more.

The Democratic presidential candidates on the other hand, have been focusing on the housing market, and will succeed in toppling the Republican controlled White House. That is, unless the Republican candidates can learn from their peers, such as Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida, our City of Aventura parent state.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, as a City of Aventura, Florida resident, the housing issue and its many factors is a top priority for you!

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