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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aventura Art Scene hits the Web

The art scene in Aventura has taken a turn to the web in order to reach a broader audience. An online gallery provides the public access to great masterpieces 24/7. The website is http://www.fineartgasm.com/ and it's content is a perfect balance of artists from a variety of styles. The owners, James and Elizabeth, are both passionate about their shift to the online market and love the idea of spreading art appreciation throughout the City of Aventura.

The first artist in the list on Fineartgasm.com is Andy Warhol. Check out this collage of his work.

When thinking about your next art purchase remember to visit http://www.fineartgasm.com/ . There are some amazing pieces that are perfect for that barren wall in your Aventura condo. It's important to support the people of our local community that are striving to make a difference in how its residents interact with art.

One of my favorite artist made waves in the art community when he challanged New York City residents' views on art. His name is Shepard Fairey. Here are a few clips to bring you up to speed on his art.

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