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Monday, December 24, 2007

Aventura Scent: The Power of Scent

I am not a scientist by any means, but I’ve been interested, and have researched the different ways scents affect people’s emotions, thoughts, and even actions. There are so many different ways that Aventura residents can use scents to positively shape things in their lives.
People don’t realize how strongly they are affected by different smells. The olfactory sense, which is the sense of smell, is interpreted by the part of the brain that is concerned with our emotions. Our emotions affect our thoughts, and therefore our actions. Even if a person is not conscious of it, the smell of something will affect their emotions. Smells are processed by the limbic system of the brain. This is an older, primitive part of the brain used to detect danger, fire, poison, or prey. Because the smell is recognized in the limbic area, it translates to a feeling or emotion and very often to a reaction. Scent has been an increasing tool being used in marketing because of its proven positive affects on sales.
You may be asking yourself why I’m interested in this, and the answer is simple. I want to live, work, and play in positive environments. I also want to share my thoughts about this subject to hopefully help Aventura residents become more successful at home, and in business, because success breeds happiness!
Having a friendly aroma has a positive, appealing, and emotional effect.
Let’s start making Aventura smell better!
Add some aromas to any part of your life and see (smell) the positive effects it has!

Here are some links to articles that I have read, and where my information is from.


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