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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Real Estate in Aventura

Another great article submitted by an Aventura resident. You send it, we post it...

Real Estate in Aventura

There have been several posts on this Aventura Florida blog relating to real estate in Aventura. I decided to review each of the Aventura real estate posts and concluded that there is not a post regarding the decision to buy or sell real estate in Aventura. That’s when I knew taking the time to submit an article would have value. The goal of this article is to provide readers a highly rated destination on the topic of Aventura Florida real estate.

The City of Aventura Florida Blog is the key website for you to educate yourself when making a decision to invest in or sell Aventura real estate. Selling a home in Aventura Florida is a choice that is usually made by owners that wish to upgrade their current Aventura condo, while some return to their home country or state. Buying real estate in Aventura can be tricky and must be done carefully. The City of Aventura Florida Blog provides the most comprehensive Aventura real estate analysis which has been created to educate the residents of Aventura Florida who either own, rent, are buying, or selling real estate in Aventura.

I was impressed with the post regarding Florida short sales. It’s a great overview of short sales in Florida. This will prove to be relevant as pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, lis pendens, and short sales in Aventura are increasing daily. Furthermore, the various posts about the mortgage industry in Florida are very helpful. This article should be just as valuable for Aventura Florida residents.

If you are looking for an exciting place to live, Aventura is the right place. There are many amazing restaurants in Aventura. Also, there are plenty of shopping options available at the Aventura Mall. Those families looking for a great school, Aventura has a charter school that is highly rated. Aventura Florida is a city that has it all and is a perfect place to call home. When you are searching for Aventura real estate or any Florida real estate it’s advised that a professional real estate agent assist you in the process.

I have put together a short list of great links that are very helpful when doing research about the City of Aventura in Florida. I recommend that these links be added to the sidebar of this website. If you agree, please send an email to the blog contributors.

Aventura City Map

Aventura Building Permits

Aventura City Commission

Aventura Community Development

Aventura Community Services

Aventura Programs

Aventura City Contacts

I hope that these Aventura city links are useful for the residents of Aventura. These links are key areas on the website that I visit on a weekly basis. Sorry I had no time to take cool pictures of Aventura, but since most of you live here you know what the city looks like. I anticipate that this Aventura city overview will be helpful and give you some insight and valuable content regarding Aventura Florida.

That’s all I got for my first article submission, hope you liked it.

– Jerry Goldschmitz, Aventura resident since 1999

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tim said...

Thanks for the great input and links for Aventura. It's interesting insight into real estate in Aventura. I think real estate in Aventura is different then other areas in South Florida. This city is large enough to have space and small enough to have a sense of community.