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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Glenn Fenster DestinyMaker update

Glenn A. Fenster of DestinyMaker has crossed the Rockies of Canada. 43 days on the road, over 4400 miles traveled. He still has 3700 miles to go. He will be away from Nyle for the 3rd straight year on Father's Day. You can view video of Nyle and Glenn's news reports on the main page of the DestinyMaker web site www.destinymaker.org

DestinyMaker web site has been visited by people in 39 countries and over 700 cities around the world.

"I am not a large organization with small dreams, I am one man with large dreams"Fenster says. He was greeted by the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance once into Canada. He is being followed by a RV, Cars, Vans all given or supplied by the Alliance all through Canada. The Canadian Alliance has partnered with DestinyMaker in 2007 and 2008 in helping Glenn raise awareness and money for their Organization. He was interviewed on TV and Fenster was asked how he felt being in Canada and he replied "If last year I felt Canadian this year I feel like Family."

The Canadian Alliance for Epilepsy besides following Glenn hundreds of miles in Canada has arranged Hotel Rooms, Food, Bike Repairs, Energy Bars, Trail Mix. They have held Breakfast's in his honor, arranged speaking engagements at schools talking to children raising awareness, sold T-Shirts to raise money and has done everything but get him to the Moon. If needed they would see to it. Affiliates of the Alliance all over are helping Glenn while he travels through each Province. What a class organization !!

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Fred Laz said...

Right on Glenn! I'm inspired by your journey. It's truely amazing. How much do you have to train?