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Friday, June 20, 2008

South Florida Music

The local music scene in Aventura Florida is seriously lacking. We need a regular venue to host musicians. How about Founders Park? A place for artists and hipsters to express themselves and create in public. Despite the weak scene, the area has produced some incredible musical talent. Maybe there's something in the water?

Joe Lederman, musician and blogger on Music Binds Us All , has roots in the Aventura area. He currently resides in Orlando, Fl and is the drummer in The Dropa Stone.

"The trio prides itself on continuing to evolve their live shows with tons of improvisation, extended jams and collaborations with their favorite local musicians."

"On Saturday June 14th, 2008, The Dropa Stone held its long awaited CD Release Show and played an inspired hour long set. To check out a superb rendition of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, watch the video below:" -from Joe's blog article about The Dropa Stone

For more on The Dropa Stone
check out:
www.thedropastone.com/ (Coming Soon)

Support Local Artists Wherever You Find Yourself!

Let us know what you think and comment. If you're a local musician in the Aventura area introduce yourself.

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Jamie L said...

Joe is a hell of a drummer and the band is extremely talented. I have seem them evolve and they just keep getting better and better. They infuse all sorts of different styles into their music. The bass player is lights out and Jon, is incredible on lead guitar and vocals. They nailed that version of Kashmir.

MIKE said...

Mad talented band! Love the Led Zep cover. A great write up about a local band connected to the South Florida Music scence.

jsteven said...

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