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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Glenn Fenster Epilepsy Awareness

Aventura, Florida Glenn Fenster sent us an email update. He's almost back home. It's hard to believe he traveled so far across America and he did it on a bicycle. Here's his message...

Happy July 4th here in America

Currently in Elizabeth City, NC.
I've surpassed 7000 miles today. Under 1000 to go.
I ache and Suffer from fatigue like never before.
The pain of Missing Nyle hurts the most.
I am also more determined then ever to not only finish
but to help educate, raise awareness, bring down the walls of Stigma,
raise money and most of all inspire those to help fund and find a cure for Epilepsy.
The question now is not if I will try to finish but if I can.
There's not much left except the will to get home.
Below is just one picture of over 2500.

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