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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jewish Community Aventura

Recently, I came across an article, on the net, from Canada that mentioned the Jewish community in Aventura, Florida. It's true that there is a vibrant Jewish community in Aventura that has developed over the years. The community has developed many synagogues, kosher restaurants, and several other Jewish services. The article I discovered clearly reports that this Jewish community is highly regarded by many. Here's a blurb from the article...

The Big Read: Sitting atop Jewish Living's list of Top 10 North American Jewish neighbourhoods is Aventura, Florida, a high-rise laden community just north of Miami and "the neighbourhood of choice for young Jewish families seeking luxury in a tropical climate." Boulder, Colorado and Lower Merion in Philadelphia claim spots No. 2 and 3 before Canada muscles in with its only entry -- Montreal's "McGill Ghetto," described here as having an "old-school, immigrant feel" that lends it the flavour of New York's Lower East Side, "but with tree-lined streets." - OTTAWA MAGAZINE


Sarah said...

I live in Aventura and thinks it's great! I love the Jewish community in Aventura.

Sam and Leah said...

Hi Sarah! Aventura is a great place to live and the Jewish community is great. There are a lot of kosher restaurants in the area and plenty of shuls. We moved from NYC and love the change.