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Friday, July 4, 2008

Interior Designer Aventura Interview

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Leonardo Leib of Prima Cassa, Aventura's finest interior designer and home renovation specialist. Many of our readers might recall him from an earlier post this year - click here Prima Cassa. It's always great to speak with him and get updates regarding his latest creations. He is currently working on the renovations, remodeling, and interior design of a condo in Aventura, Florida. Leonardo Leib would like to share with us his background and influences that are responsible for his unique work.

Q: Leonardo, how did you get started in the interior design and home renovation business?
A: I have been in the hotel business for about twenty five years (25) as an owner/manager. I transitioned from that to focusing on single family homes and condos. I sold the hotels and wanted to continue my involvement with transforming space into an atmosphere that's relaxing and comfortable. Working with single family homes and condos was a perfect fit for my talents. I enjoy working on each new project and building a relationship with the owners.

Q: Interesting, the hotel business. Where were the hotels?
A: When I came to the United States in 1978 from Buenos Aires, Argentina I headed for Sunny Isles. The hotels were mostly in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. If you've been living in the area long enough you'd remember the Desert Inn, Magic Isle, and Sun Spa in Hollywood. I also had involvement with the Sahara and the Beach Club.

Q: How do you use your experience from the hotel business in your work today?
A: I still keep in contact with some of the subcontractors that worked for me back in the hotel days. These types of relationships are vital to my success in home renovations. I know how to get things done and who to call. Don't forget I was the owner/ manager of those hotels, so if something had to be fixed it was in my best interest to get it done fast and for the best price. My clients benefit from this type of experience. Most people wouldn't even know where to begin, I know how to get things started correctly and how to cross the finish line fast.

Q: Sounds good, what's the best way for people to get an idea of your work?
A: You can see my portfolio on my website - click link Aventura Interior Designer . The url is www.primacassa.com. I can always be reached by phone at 786.301.2576.

Thanks for the interview Leonardo! I'm confident that our readers in the community will enjoy reading about your beginnings and how they can benefit from your experience. It's great to follow up with you and I look forward to seeing the photos when you're finished with your current project in Aventura.

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