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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Glenn Fenster rides for epilepsy

We posted an amazing story about a man that biked from Alaska to Aventura. In case you missed it take a look at

This post is a follow up to that story.

An announcement from Aventura's Glenn Fenster...

My son Nyle was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was two years old. Since then, he has had hundreds of seizures. He has them everyday. They occur when he sleeps. Five years ago on the tennis court he went for a shot and a seizure occurred. He fell to the ground hard. By the time I got to him running as fast as I could the seizure had ended. I gave out my hand to help him up. He refused any help. I asked him, "How do you keep getting up"? He answered, "Dad, I've never seen you stay down." I decided right there I would do something that would raise the awareness of all who suffer from seizures the courage my son shows.

Days later I had a plan. I decided to bike from Seattle to Miami (47 days) 4036 miles completed in 2006. In 2007 I biked (65 days) 6200 miles from Alaska to Miami. This year I will bike 8100 miles. One might think the most difficult challenge would be the training. Day after day, riding mile after mile, cycling in rain, wind, heat, darkness. One might think it would be the terrain. Unable to practice in the mountains, they are a struggle to climb. One might think it's the 50 pounds extra of supplies I have to carry. One might think it would be the exhaustion I feel. One might think it is the loneliness of the asphalt. But no, the most difficult challenge for me is being away from my son.

It is my goal by 2010 to have raised $250,000. I want to send children like my son to Epilepsy supported summer camps throughout America and Canada. I want to break down the walls of stigma associated with Epilepsy. I do this to show everyone that no matter what disability of the mind or body, anything can be accomplished. That my son is like you and I. Epilepsy is what he has, Not who he is.

From Denver to Miami (The Long Way) - One Man’s 8100 Mile Bicycle Journey for Epilepsy

On April 28thth, 2008 Glenn Fenster will embark on a 8100 mile bicycle journey from Denver, Colorado to Miami, Florida (the Long Way).


His inspiration and reason for this ambitious undertaking is his 14 year-old son, Nyle, who has suffered from acute epilepsy since he was just two years old. Glenn is riding to show his son that no matter what the disability, everyone has the capacity to reach for their dreams. He does not ride just for his son, but for other kids and adults living with epilepsy.

In 2006 Glenn biked 4036 miles from Seattle Washington to Miami Florida, to promote epilepsy awareness, with the support of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. Last year’s ride from Alaska added another 2500 miles to his journey, along with the challenges of the ‘northern climate’, which can be unpredictable and definitely much colder then what he experienced previously. According to Mr. Fenster, “This trip pales in comparison to the courage my son and others exhibit each day”.

Follow the journey and show your support at his website, www.destinymaker.org

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