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Friday, February 1, 2008

Williams Island 4000

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 4000. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

I was unable to post the last couple of days. I know that everyone is anticipating this last post regarding the art show at the condos of Williams Island. The 4000 building was a spectacular event in itself. The concierge, Gregory Parker, did an amazing job setting up this show for the residents of the 4000 building and for all those visiting from the other towers on the Island. This show had first rate artists, delicious food, and even entertainment.

When I walked through the automatic doors at the entrance, I was immediately confronted with an oversized canvas of multi-colored buttons by Billy Monsalve Duffo. This painting demanded the attention of everyone that entered the 4000 building. I got that good feeling you get when you find a button that's missing from a shirt. You know, when you're about to go to a party and put on a your shirt and a button is missing. You realize that you don't have extra buttons and then, like a miracle, the button appears on the floor just in time for you to sew it back on so you can where the shirt. That's a great feeling, right?

In addition to the buttons, Duffo had several large pieces of work featured below.


Antonio Guerrero had a large collection on display. His work contained a lot of energy and the images appeared to pop off the canvas. The guests were amazed by the three dimensional illusions in his work.

The artist featured below had a detailed collection of prints with of a romantic bull fighting theme.

The residents also enjoyed saki lemon drops and salmon served by Lola's on Harrison. Heather Keenly, general manager, spoke with the guests as they enjoyed the tasty and fresh samplers. Rachel Ura, prepared the lemon drops that were a hit in the 4000 lobby.

Heather is pictured above preparing the food, while Rachel creates the signature saki shots.


Pictured above is the Lola's menu displayed with Rogue beer. The moment I saw the Rogue I knew that this is a restaurant for me. I'm a fan of Rogue beer because of its unique variety of flavors. This type of beer is usually not served at restaurants. The decision to serve high quality beers captured my attention and caused me to go there for dinner the following evening. I had an amazing spinach salad and enjoyed a fun beer flight. A detailed review of my dining experience will come in a later post. In the meantime, I highly reccomend you visit Lola's at 2032 Harrison Street Hollywood, Florida 33020 phone number - 954.927.9851.

Needless to say, this show at the Williams Island 4000 condo was a great success. This could not have been possible without the efforts and organizational skills of Gregory Parker, 4000 concierge. Pictured below is Gregory alongside Ivette Vinas, the talented entertainer that performed in the front of the 4000 building. Take a look at her Myspace page - www.myspace.com/ivettejazz

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