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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Scott Baio Reality Television

What's Wrong with America Part 2

Submitted by: Jonathan Randall, New York City comedian

Remember the happy old days when Scott Baio looked up to the Fonz,loved Joni, and was on the cover of enough teen magazines to cover the rooms of every 16-year-old girl who ever dreamed of getting breast enlargements?

Well before you go and list that Chachi lunch box on E-bay and find those old Scott Baio records. Just realize that Scott Baio is 46 and exploiting his unborn child and past celebrity to be relevant in today's reality obsessed world.

After spending over a decade clinging not so much to his past glory as a sitcom star but rather to the fact that he was a guy who nailed Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear and countess other sluts, Baio proves that all washed up actors need to do when they cant get work is star in a reality show about how pathetic they are cause they cant get work. After all the only thing we Americans love more than a star is a
fallen star. We love to rubberneck the train wreck until it is so horribly disturbing that we actually start to feel better about our lives.

The second season of Scott's reality show is currently airing on VH1, which has gone from playing crappy music to airing reality shows starring people no one even really cared about when they were famous. The show follows as he attempts to deal with the trials and tribulations of getting married and having a baby when you are rich and irrelevant. On one episode TV viewers got to watch a sonogram of Baio's unborn daughter, making her the first fetus reality star… and you thought your mom showing people your naked baby pictures was embarrassing. I am glad that Scott is giving his daughter a head start on becoming the coke-snorting stripper she is destined to be.

Watching the show you would almost think it was all scripted, but after viewing one "Charles in Charge" rerun you will realize Scott is not that good of an actor. The main plot of the show is that Baio is having a terribly hard time accepting his new role as a soon to be husband and father. Apparently the only thing that will ease the transition from being a douche bag to being a douche bag with a wife and kid is his own reality show. It is riveting television that really makes you wonder what Boner from "Growing Pains" is up to these days.

When looking at Baio's body of work its hard to believe that Baio was once so popular that he got his dick wet in every hot wannabe actress and playboy playmate that that had a subscription to Tiger Beat. Today, "stars" like Paris Hilton and Lindsy Lohan wouldn't even let him pick up their herpes medication. The only good thing that could come from a reality show that reminisces about being a misogynistic
scumbag and complains about not being ready for fatherhood is hope for Joey Lawrence. Hopefully this will be the last we see of Baio, but with the ridiculous amount of crap on VH1 don't be surprised if the show goes on for another 30 years when it be will called Scott Baio is 76 divorced, decrepit, and trying to get in the pants of his daughter's friends.

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