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Monday, January 11, 2010

What are smokeless cigarettes, electric cigarettes, e-cigs?

The other day I was at a very packed restaurant in Aventura and a dispute broke out over smoking indoors. The manager saw a guy smoking in the restaurant and asked him to put it out or leave. He explained that it wasn’t a regular cigarette, but it was an electronic cigarette. The manager looked at him in disbelief and said put it out or leave. The man yelled, “it’s a f#%#ing electric cigarette, chill out.” What’s the deal with electric cigarettes? In the end the man left and was screaming, “it’s an electric cigarette, smokeless e-cigarette, a smokeless cigarette, leave me alone.”

I never heard of a smokless electric cigarette and did some research on Google. To my surprise there are many companies selling electric smokeless cigarettes and claiming that they’re a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. One website even claims that electric cigarettes provide the experience of a typical cigarette, but without any dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. Can it really be true. Are these claims about electric cigarettes correct.


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