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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aventura Mall Shopping and Art

The images are from the Aventura Mall's installation of the works of Julian Opie. I found some great info on Julian Opie on Wikipedia. I posted the content I found, click here to see for yourself - Julian Opie.

There's also cool stuff on the website - http://www.julianopie.com/

Julian Opie was born in London and raised in Oxford. After the Dragon School, Oxford, he spent some time at Magdalen College School, Oxford. He is a graduate of Goldsmiths College (1979–82) and achieved some early gallery success, which was an incentive for slightly younger artists in the same college, such as Damien Hirst to do likewise. His highly stylised deswalork, derived in part from Patrick Caulfield and Michael Craig-Martin, involves the reduction of photographs (or short films) into figurative reproductions (created using computer software). In his portraiture, the human face is characterised by black outlines with flat areas of colour, and minimalised detail, to the extent that an eye can become just the black circle of the pupil, and sometimes a head is represented by a circle with a space where the neck would be. In this way, Julian Opie tries to present the complexities of the human form by reducing it to its mere basics.

New York City


As a successful artist who exhibits internationally, Opie uses computers in art for other works. His famous Imagine you are... series, demonstrated how activities such as driving, walking and climbing could be represented by simple reductions. In addition, Opie uses sculpture and light installations to present items of everyday life.

“ I am simply using that which is available to describe that which is experienced. ”

Julian Opie's style was brought into the public eye when he was asked to design the cover for the British band, Blur's best of album. On the cover, the band members (clockwise from top left) Graham Coxon, Alex James, Dave Rowntree and Damon Albarn are transformed into Opie's style.

Julian Opie, as one of the leading figures in computerised art, also implements computer technology by cutting out the outlines and coloured shapes, sometimes on vinyl, as in large display banners at Tate Britain. Opie is a former trustee of the Tate Gallery and exhibits with Lisson Gallery and Alan Cristea Gallery in London. His studio and workshop is based in Shoreditch, London. He was the subject of a film by Illuminations in their theEYE series, in which they profile contemporary visual artists in Britain. He was also the subject of a book by Mary Horlock published by Tate Publishing as part of their Modern Artist series.
Recently, Julian Opie has been met with controversy due to his more daring subject matter of pole dancers, a key part of his exhibition at the Alan Cristea Gallery. He typically reduces them to cartoon-esque figures.


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