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Friday, November 30, 2007

City of Aventura Residents Have a Heart

Aventura residents, Paul and Mercedes Lederman, have given of themselves to help an animal who couldn't help herself. They found LOLA on the streets of the City of Aventura and she was sick, covered in fleas, hungry, and traumatized. Despite her poor condition they recognized the spark of life inside this animal. It took a split second and they rescued this dog. Lola was immediately taken to an animal hospital and she got the care she desperately needed. Her life was in danger and she had over 300 ticks on her. She was in shock when they found her and the theory is that she was broken hearted due to having been separated from her puppies. The vet bills have piled up and she needs further medical attention in order to continue the healing process. They're happy to report that now Lola is happy, healthy, and has a full belly.

Take a look at her transformation.




Lola needs attention, help and we are doing our best.
We are trying to collect some money, to pay all her doctors bills.
We think we found her a home, but meantime we are the foster parents.
we rescued her with all of our love and good intentions, but not thinking of the financial part.
We appreciate if you can start sending this around to your friends and families, maybe with a little help here and a little there, we be able to keep helping her and others.
Thank you all .

To come to Lola's assistance, please send an email to: lolasfund@gmail.com
Please include your name, the amount you wish to donate and we will send you a link to contribute via paypal.

You can also send payment to the following address.
Please send checks or cash to:

3615 NE 207th Street #3103 Aventura, FL 33180
make checks payable to: Mercedes Lederman


I feel forgotten; I'm all alone
Where are the parents that I can call my own?
I feel forgotten, aren't you aware
I have no family, only foster care

In the mirror, I'm almost grown
It doesn't mean that I still don't need a home
Where are the people, who should be there?
My aunts and uncles, aren't they looking for me here?

I'm still waiting, you will see,
My mother promised, she would come and visit me
I feel forgotten, lost in the crowd
People wonder, why I'm angry and get loud

I feel forgotten, I want to hide
Why am I out here with no one by my side
I feel forgotten, lonely nights and lonely days
Why even try, no one wants me anyways


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