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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Passion for Aventura Lifestyle

With Aventura being one of the top ranked cities offering quality
living, luxury real estate, and attracting upscale business, you
can expect the successful and wealthy to make this a top choice to
make their home. Beyond the 24hr service of living in an upscale condo and elite amenities, or being part of a waterfront community lies a fundamental drive for this lifestyle which the successful can attest to, and that is Passion. It is not just for how you live, but what you do in life and how you accumulate abundance and wealth. Successful people thrive on their passion (it’s a constant mindset) and follow their natural energy. They don’t have to forge on to work or feel dissatisfied with their career. Passion is a process rather than goals which are about outcomes. More and more society is seeing younger entrepreneurs. Kids are doing things that they truly enjoy without any judgments from the world, and then it becomes a million dollar passion. Passionate people are visionaries that blow their dreams out of proportion and engulf the lives of others and dare them to live theirs as well.
“Pursuit of passion is so basic and intimate to life.” (a quote from Dr.Hagrlin a world authority on unified quantum field theories). In the book The Passion Test by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. If you’re interested in what your passions are I suggest taking The Passion Test it will help you identify yours and put you on the road to a fulfilling life. It’s one that I use myself and for my clients that I coach.

- Contributed by Amanda Arcilla

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