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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Williams Island presents Arthur Berger

Arthur Berger transported all those who were present, last Thursday night at Williams Island, to the year 1849. He performed a dramatic one act show focused on the famous American writer - Edgar Allen Poe. There was a mood of mystery in the air the moment Berger slowly walked into the room with his cane while wearing a dusty black coat and civil war era stovepipe hat. I can still hear the heart pounding knocks from his cane against the floor.

The performance was amazing and it ended with a loud applause. Here are some photos of the event at Williams Island in Aventura.

(Bob Diamond, Aventura Commissioner with former Commissioner, Arthur Berger)

Biographical Information (taken from FAU promo)
Arthur Berger lectured at the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University, Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University. Among the courses he taught was a course on "Great Literature and the Paranormal". This course fired his interest in Edgar Allen Poe, one of the great authors in American literature. Arthur Berger wanted to make people more aware of Poe’s genius and legacy. Since Mr. Berger, an attorney and former Commissioner of the City of Aventura, had also been a narrator for the Library of Congress in its program of audio books for the blind and had played roles in movies and TV commercials, he decided to write and perform in a play for this purpose. His performances of the play have earned a flood of superlatives.

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