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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Traffic in Aventura

The traffic in Aventura has been an issue of major concern once the city hit its growth spurt. I live here all year and know what streets to avoid during certain times. I've been stuck on Biscayne Blvd., in front of Loehemann's, in the afternoon for easily a half hour to discover I've only moved three blocks. I never drive around The Venture condos in late afternoon. Once the Aventura Charter school lets out in that area, the cars are gridlocked around the corner - it's a mess. There are plenty of other intersections that are a must to stay away from during certain hours.

The City of Aventura is well aware of these problems and takes the congestion very seriously; however, condo construction managed to continue at a rapid pace. This will definitely be a topic worth exploring in more detail.

The reason I bring up the traffic in Aventura today is because I received an email from one of our readers concerning a specific location. This spot is a cause of some frustration to this Aventura resident and he deserves to be heard. Please take a moment to read the email he sent me. I added a few photos of the area, sometimes seeing a location helps you remember. Who knows, maybe others feel the same way?

Received on Oct. 29th 2007 -

Hi guys: about the traffic light at 178th & Bisc.--

Southbound on US 1 and 178th I've seen dozens of cars make u-turns against a red light to US 1 northbound or left turns into Point East during both daylight hours and night time.

(This location is a few blocks from Houston's Restaurant and Morton's Steakhouse)

The northbound traffic sometimes is heavy, I'll admit, but most of the time there is ample opportunity to make the turns safely against a red light that is inordinately long.

Not being a traffic engineer, but certainly being a card-carrying mavin, I would suggest removing the turn signal as it presently is and replacing it with a flashing red arrow, meaning "stop, and when traffic permits, turn".

'T would sure save a lotta frayed nerves.

Thanx for the opportunity to get heard.

Seth Lefkow

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Anonymous said...

The light at that intersection used to be a solid green, permitting the left turn at all times. However, after several fatal crashes at that intersection from turing vehicles getting struck by northbound cars, the turn was restricted to a green arrow only. FDOT refuses to place a "flashing" red arrow.