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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Williams Island 3000

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 3000. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

The 3000 building on Williams Island showcased numerous artists with various styles. A few of the artists caught my eye amongst the eclectic collection on display. The watercolors I saw of New York City, by Lenny, were brilliant and captured the essence of New York. Lenny maintains a residence in Aventura, but most of the time he lives in Queens, New York. In New York City his work is on dislay at the Carl Shultz Art Show in Manhattan and the Westhampton Art Show in Long Island. At the Williams Island Art Show his work was enjoyed by everyone without regard to age. Pictured is Lenny and Sara speaking with a young admirer.

Joyce Chadroff, artist, presented her work at the Williams Island 3000 building. Her work was captivating and displayed at the lobby's entrance. She created paper mache flowers that had a magical, yet realistic look to them. Every guest stopped to look at her work and questioned her about their creation process.

In addition to the paper mache flowers, Joyce Chadroff displayed large paintings like the one pictured here.

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