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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Williams Island 7000

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 7000. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

The were many local artists that showcased their art in Williams Island; however, in Williams Island 7000 Tetra Artet displayed work from Mexico. The group from Tetra Artet filled the lobby of 7000 Island Blvd. with dramatic art that had both a unique Mexican style as well as a universal appeal. The members of Tetra were present to answer questions, and explain more about the international artists (pictured from left to right Rita Chertorivski, Orly Curiel, and Lisette Gruener).

There was a long list of talented artists that Tetra presented at the show. The artists were Jonathan Lameda, Juan Pablo Zamora, Olivia Gonzalez Terrazas, Patricia Garcia, Roberto Pulido, Balo Pulido, Adolfo Weber, Anna Cook, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jennifer Brockmann.

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