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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Williams Island 2800

UPDATE: February 17, 2008 We received many emails asking about condos for sale at Williams Island, because this page is highly ranked in Google. In response, we have provided a list of Williams Island condos for sale in building 2800. To read about the ART SHOW scroll down.

* Williams Island 1000
* Williams Island 2000
* Williams Island 2600
* Williams Island 2800
* Williams Island 3000
* Williams Island 4000
* Williams Island 6000 Bella Mare
* Williams Island 7000
* Mediterranean Village
* Villa Flora

The large lobby of the 2800 building of Williams Island was host to impressive paintings. The style on display was mostly modern and cubist. I thought that the art was perfect for the lobby's environment. This was an excellent combination that was organized by Mitzi Launerts, Concierge. The guests at the Art Show were invited to the outside patio to enjoy a tasting of food and drink by Michael's Kitchen and Pisco. There was a buzz of excitement as people circulated between the art and food. It was a great setting where guests chatted and socialized while being surrounded by beautiful art.

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