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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I still have one more post to make regarding the art show at Williams Island, stay tuned. It's regarding the show in the 4000 building. I think it's important to interupt this string of art show reviews to call your attention to LOCAL BLOGGER NEWS.

This week a BLOGGER is being sued for 25 million and has been fired from his job. The blogger is Lucas Lechuga, who writes http://www.blog.miamicondoinvestments.com/, and he is a Realtor who was formerly employed by EWM (a real estate brokerage owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway - deep pocket). There's usually treasure on one side of a lawsuit. Apparently the basis of this suit stems from a harmless post Lechuga wrote regarding his honest opinion on a Miami developer's new project. That developer filed suit against EWM and Mr. Lechuga. One of the main reasons blogs exist is for people to share their own thoughts and opinions about public figures, public news, and other events that shape the world we inhabit.

It's essential that blog readers understand this and recognize the value of blogs. Most blogs do not have a traditional editorial structure; however, they can offer readers engaging and original content. Some popular blogs, like New York's http://www.curbed.com , have paid advertising just like traditional newspapers and magazines. In fact, this blog is currently in discussions with various potential advertisers and companies interested in advertorials. It's clear that blogs are a forum that have changed the public's relationship with news.

Lechuga writes what is known as a "real estate blog," giving readers his insight and experiences about the real estate market. There are so many blogs covering a variety of subjects, each with a unique viewpoint. For example, although I have a real estate license at Terrabella Realty, this isn't a "real estate blog," this blog is about what goes on in the City of Aventura it's a reporting of various relevant issues, events, spotlights on residents and local businesses. Take a look out in the blogosphere and you'll discover blogs about every topic in your imagination. So many people have something to say, it's fantastic! Start your own blog today, it's free.

Bloggers and readers join together to spread the word about the plight of the Miami blogger Luchega. Pass the story around the blogosphere and write your own thoughts. You decide for yourself what should happen. If you'd like to see the CBS interview of Lucas take a look about what he had to say regarding his controversial Miami Condo Investments blog.

Remember to check back to read our scheduled post about the 4000 building art show.

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