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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Aventura, New York's 6th Borough

This blog is not a political forum; however, it's important to note when national politics arrive in our town. This past week Senator Joseph Lieberman made his political presence known at Aventura's bagel shop - Moe's Bagels and Deli. This restaurant is a hot spot for early morning business meetings and a great place to hear the local gossip, they also serve a heck of a bagel. Therefore, I wasn't surprised that this would be a stop on Lieberman's trip to South Florida.

Various papers covered the story. Here's what one had to say.

Courant.com - By JESSE A. HAMILTON Washington Bureau Chief

...It didn't bother Paul Kruss, who co-owns Mo's Bagels and Deli in Aventura, which the locals like to call New York's 6th Borough. He called Lieberman a "conviction politician" who "puts his conscience before the party."Lieberman walked through the crowded restaurant, shaking diners' hands and posing for pictures, though some didn't seem sure how they knew him."What's his name again? Senator What?" one man asked.Kruss seemed impressed and admired the Connecticut senator's stand against party politics. "I'm one of those in the mushy middle," he said, "like most Americans."

Link to picture of Senator Lieberman at Moe's Bagels in Aventura Florida

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