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Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Amendment 1 Means to Aventura Homeowners

As yet another follow up to my previous blogs about the Florida property tax cut proposal, I thought to share an article from our Central Florida neighbors, Orlando Sentinel. You will learn that many Florida cities are lobbying against the amendment because they will be forced to spend less, or should I say, budget responsibly.
Voting YES on Amendment 1 on Tuesday, January 29th is crucial to every homeowner, and every home seeker. This will help seniors finally make their downsizing move, those who need to find bigger places for their growing families but just would not afford the tax increase on a newly purchased home, as well as first time homebuyers who finally see home prices normalizing but are still threatend by high property taxes.
I will repeat my message from my previous posts on this matter that this is not the ultimate solution, but it is a start!
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