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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Maintain a Permanent Positive Attitude

Our blog team was excited to learn that there are other local individuals making a difference online. One of those individuals is a local Aventura resident, Paul Lederman, who is a part of the Morning Coach team. Morning Coach is a unique community of people making a difference and who are manifesting the best possible life experience. Paul believes that this can be useful for many residents in Aventura Florida and can help make our community a more positive place to live.

It was obvious that there was a lot to learn about Morning Coach, so Paul arranged for us to interview JB Glossinger, the founder of Morning Coach.

Here are a few questions he answered after we spoke...the rest you can learn by watching the video interview below.

Why Join Morning Coach?

Becoming a Member of MorningCoach.com allows every individual to experience the best of change. We provide you with all the tools necessary and 30 minutes of daily HIGH quality, real time personal development and life coaching in order to achieve and live the best possible life available to you. Not only that, we will be bringing in the finest teachers and coaches accessible to give you continued quality information, tools and resources to make a transition in your life.

How does Morning Coach allow you to TRANSITION into TRANSFORMATION and finally MANIFESTATION?

By assisting all members to set goals, have objectives, gain clarity and then maintain a permanent positive attitude to get your mind around – to make your thoughts become a reality. We call this manifestation!

Morning Coach gives you the platform and the tools to make the transformation to any reality you want!

Take Control of your Life
Learn the real secret to Manifestation
Live Happier
Reverse your old conditioning
Grow Healthier
Create Abundance
New and inspirational Content Daily
Real Time Personal Development
Life Coaching made simple!
Learn why you are the luckiest person alive.
Be a part of a community manifesting Abundance, Health and Happiness
Live Daily Calls
Morning Inspiration and life coaching every day 365 days a year!

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Tanya Mundo said...

Great blog spot! It was fun to see JB in an interview. He always has great information!