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Friday, January 25, 2008


The City of Aventura Promoting Green Initiatives and Enforcing County Code on Solid Waste

I like the steps the city of Aventura is taking with the City Programs to Promote Green Initiatives. Let me comment on your very last point which says, “An article in the next newsletter will address promoting individual condominiums and homeowners associations to institute or expand recycling programs. We also intend to feature and recognize successful programs in upcoming newsletters.” In parallel with promoting Green Initiatives, the city of Aventura should be enforcing what's already law. As said in this Conscious Recycling vflyer, Miami-Dade County has a code which requires all rental property owners and condominium associations to provide recycling programs.

Please refer to http://www.municode.com/Resources/gateway.asp?pid=10620&sid=9, Sec. 15-2.2. Recycling programs required for multi-family residential establishments. (a) No later than nine (9) months from the effective date of Ordinance Number 91-123, every multi-family residential establishment shall provide for a recycling program which shall be serviced by a permitted hauler or the appropriate governmental agency and shall include, at a minimum, the five (5) materials listed in Section 15-2.2 below.Recyclable Materials: Multi-family

(1) Newspaper
(2) Glass (flint, emerald, amber)
(3) Aluminum cans
(4) Steel cans
(5) Plastics (PETE, NDPE-natural, HDPE colored)(b) The failure of a multi-family residential establishment to provide a recycling program or a modified recycling program pursuant to Section 15-2.4 hereof shall constitute a violation of this section for which the property owner(s) shall be liable, provided, however, that in the case of a condominium or cooperative apartment having a condominium association or cooperative apartment association, said association, rather than individual unit owners, shall be liable for any such violation.(Ord. No. 91-123, § 4, 10-15-91) The core of the problem is that the government has not been enforcing the law as strictly as they should have. New laws and programs that set the conditions for a greener more sustainable world should be always welcome, but it’s equally important to begin enforcing those regulations that already exist. Otherwise, why wasting tax dollars, human resources and brain power to create them in the first place?

Submitted by:

Sebastian Aroca
Conscious Recycling Action Team

Have a Green Week, Sebastian

The City of Aventura has organized GO GREEN AWARDS. Have you seen the little signs all around town? To find out more information about how to vote check out the City of Aventura website. Click to get the GO GREEN application.

I think this is a very important CALL TO ACTION that the city is trying to promote. My concern is that not enough people will hear about it or those that do won't take the time to participate. Please pass it on, spread the word and VOTE!

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